I have been searching high and low for any documentation regarding the three Advent Tegra Note 7 Tablets.

The original receipt where I purchased two at the same time is still being searched for. However I think that this got lost when the couple I bought them for had to move house and there was a … ‘limbo’ period until they found another home.

I am still hoping it turns up.

However I was flicking through the paperwork I had here and some of them were regarding the repairs. Now I would not have bothered putting them up except these are the PC World repair, or service, slips and I noted I happen to have several and when I checked the serial numbers I had all three, though one has letters in the serial number while the other two have only numbers.

So along with PC World being unable to find the receipt for one, despite that one being on the same receipt for one I already have here, I have paperwork for that same store repairing all three and they suspiciously are unable to find evidence of that too?!

Someone called me the other day from PC World to explain that they will not refund the third without the receipt, a fact that I was completely aware of thanks to the last guy that called who decied to be an idiot. Of course he tried to deny they were selling refurbished goods and I told him that the deceit would never work if people within the company knew about it, in other words it would leak out.

As far as I am aware the only reports I have ever read regarding PC World’s refurbished goods are a fair few claims on-line and the story in the Guardian tabloid from over ten years ago. Which had several and one chap frog marched off the premises and banned after he claimed they were refurbished due to a few hundred photos of someone else family being on a camera he bought with the memory card already installed within the memory card slot of the camera.

Now here are the service receipts I had along with a few other bits and pieces and a letter from awhile back telling me they are sorry about the experience we have had.

Bear in mind that some documentation has been lost, a few other repair receipts, and even here in my home more may turn up?

Tegra Service 1 Tegra Service 2 Tegra Service 3 PC World Letter Tegra Note Receipt B1 Tegra Note Receipt B2


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