I am a bit confused at what this said in this report.

Now I contacted the Investigatory Powers Tribunal over my involvement with MI5 and GCHQ and that what they claim they did was not at they stated.

Now I thought that the IPT had ruled the actions of the secret services to be illegal? In this report it stated the opposite.

I apologise if I got that wrong but I have no patience to read through things at times, part of my Fibromyalgia I’m afraid, and I think it was but worded very well. I must have seen the word ‘illegally’ or something similar and assumed that was the IPT’s conclusion?

I obviously got this wrong.

However now three groups to do with human rights in Europe are now attempting to mount a European challenge, so in the European Courts for Human Rights I guess, to attempt to have their actions declared illegal.

Now I am shocked on two counts here and also with a very, very immigrant question sat the end of it all!

First off I can’t believe that in the UK, despite everything I have said putting down the legal system and legal rights in the UK unless your an asylum seeker, they did not find them to be acting illegally?!

Utter madness.

Of course this would put some weight into my contact with the IPT and their response to me. Though I will say here and how I missed something very, very big about our correspondence and have decided to keep quiet on this until a much later date.

However! If this ruling for through and against the secret services I may well divulge my…mistake…oversight, if and when that time comes around?

Secondly and this I cannot stress enough here but there had been a great deal of who-har about the UK being in Europe and I was one in total agreement with this but that changed. It changed when it was revealed how much money the UK pays Europe out of taxpayers money. Because we can’t afford it and have not for some time and it’s wrong and shows that just as the three main parties, nearly all public services and many others I cover that Europe could not care less about the British public either, add king as it’s taking a criminally excessive amount of our money to pay for things that they themselves should be paying?!

Then the inevitable question burns into my mind’s eye that if they succeed, what will this say about our own courts and the effectiveness of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal because Europe might find GCHQ and MI5 to have been acting illegally against their own people and not or own people?!

Imagine that? Mind boggling! It gets better …

My blog has been around a fair old while now and there is an unimaginable amount of evidence and data on here and more added every now and then.

What many tunnel visioned morons fail to realise and so do is that bit only ate my findings extremely damning to all that I attacked but that my readers are not, I repeat NOT, confined to the UK’s shoreline!


Now I have never mentioned the possibility but I’ve always been aware if it, was even contacted regarding some French media organisation three years ago now, that someone else and even other journalists could take my stories and data and run with it!

I quickly realised that this possibility could cause a backlash to all those in the UK who decided to ignore me completely and then continue to ignore this blog.

The result of this happening?

Oh believe me I have king since known the answer to this one too! I am certain that this would then make all the British News media everywhere, well all the national ones and biggest names I contacted three years ago, look one of two things …

1 Look very suspicious and as corrupt as rise they try themselves to those they appear to try to report as corrupt … or …

2 Looking extremely stupid and completely lacking professionalism and common sense compared to every other mirrored organising around the world?!

Ooh dear.

I have stated many, many times before…

Don’t think for one second that because I seem to say a great deal that I post everything there is … I DON’T!

Don’t think for one second that all of my predictions and all the possibilities I am aware of are bleated about on here like done demented lamb!

That’s just what I wanted everyone to think!

There are these invisible points…intersections if you prefer whereby I have gone so far down the road and have posted for long enough and with hundreds of thousands of visits that the reasons for keeping things back simply and slowly evaporate.

I also do often forget about them too so get held back longer until some story I read provides at catalyst to my memory banks and I remember something.

I imagine a year or maybe even two with tidbits like this one leaking out before I run out of tricks and traps to reveal?!

But, who knows?

I am particularly interested to see what transpires with these legal challenges and I hope I can discover a court date over all this? If I do I will place that date in my calendar on my desktop as well as my phone and that will be the very first time I have used my calendar for and of this crap!

That should kind of tell you something of his series along with his connected to me and my blog I see this?

This could be a great milestone to look forward to for the late part of 2015 or the first thing I know I have to look forward to that actually spills over into 2016?!

Of my enemies and my many and various battles and despite his long it’s all gone on I cannot foresee any of it going beyond the end of 2015, I truly can’t and this is the first time I have been in this situation.

The numbers that would have read excerpts from this blog along with the final throws of a couple of battles which themselves will act as extreme catalysts for many of the remaining ones and it is suddenly hard to see them surviving a year from now or even 8 months from now.

If there is anyone left they will only be stragglers waiting to be swept up and of course before the Prime Minister had been in the hot seat for a year his arse hair so be singed and butt cheeks burnt before he even gets close to parking his arse?!

Then I will be looking hard to see if my many goals start popping up on the horizon to show that I am nearly almost there?!


European court challenge to UK surveillance – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-32251699


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