OK then … try to keep up.

Also ignore some of this as this was pasted over from YouTube and it would not let me type up the whole story?! Typical of YouTube… and others…yes I will type out Tolstoy’s War & Peace in sixty characters or less?!


Also it sticks in my craw and something I will cane them about as soon as I have been provided contact details…hmm just remembered already sent them a letter about it and no reply….yes they are all for freedom and the people are they not, acting all aloof now like they are the Masters of the Universe?!

Yes 200 characters or less limit on the TAGS, though they are labels now as the Gods of the Universe have so decreed. Funny as I know that WordPress does not have this limit. If it has a limit I have not hit it and I have posted what must be close to 400 charcters on some things.

Now as my labels are all relevant that means I am missing out on getting to people on many subjects, thereby losing me readers. Tried to warn them about this and hinted enough about it online … but nothing! LMAO!

I hope I explained it enough in the monologue but will type it out anyway.

I will also put a link to my corruption blog in case you want to know which public services have been up to no good along with any retail outlets.

Also something big is coming and they do not even know it is coming as I am not directly linked to it…but someone travelled a few hundred miles to visit me for a couple of hours to tell me before they then returned, despite my please to stay overnight and return in the morning!

This is done and underlined with capital letters and from what I was told could be a few weeks to 6 months at the most. It sounded more like weeks in all honesty.

Yes, I don’t see this as big…quite small actually. Hmm now well someone may think this is big or someone or even some journalist may do some digging and find this is indeed big. OK, OK … so it is medium sized then! Lol!

But what is coming is … bigger! Much bigger!

back to PC World…

I bought my tablet in late November, as I am now weirdly remembering 20th November as the launch date.

I am pretty sure I paid £160 on the day and on Visa. Remember this fact!

A married couple I know have two daughters and promised them a tablet the last couple of Christmases, well there is a financial crisis going on. They decided to buy them one each and asked if I would get them.

They gave me £360, or could be £340 in cash and I went down there and bought two. However when I went in the store the man pointed at a demo tablet and said “Oh you want two of these?” to which I said “No, mate…that one is £99.99 and the one I bought was £160”. He then explained they had dropped and told a colleague how I had just paid £160 before they dropped.

At the counter they then told me they owed me £50 because of the drop and put in back on my VISA. So bank statements exist for the purchase and the money paid back. Remember that too.

The tablets I bought for the daughters both failed miserably, one straight out of the box or within a short time and the other about a day later.

So back in the store I go with one and then a while later the other one.

This happened several times throughout 2014, one having gone back four times and another three in all. All battery failures and refusing to charge.

Mine was returned eventually because it refused to read a perfectly good Micro SD Sandisk Ultra card.

On using it with the new, at the time Jellybean version of Android I was getting mistakes with it I had not had previously on Gingerbread. It was shite at spelling and grammar and kept ignoring words I swiped on and put in others with letters I did not go anywhere bloody near. Update after update after update and I not only saw no improvement in a swipe keyboard they managed to ruin, like QuickOffice, I could not see what they had changed in Android! I hate updates, they’re used to cheat, block things they do not want you using on a device you own and you pay for this because of your download limits! Very nice Google, cheers!

Then my keyboard started playing up. Go anywhere on the left hand side using swipe, normal typing affected too, and suddenly it registers that the stylus has left the screen, then registers it back on…and off…and on. You end up with gobbledy gook!

Fourteen months of shite and knowing that PC World (along with Argos, B&Q, Littlewoods Catalogue and Very Catalogue) are selling refurbished goods as new that turn out to be faulty most of the time.. normally within hours or just a few days. Odd times longer.

Emailed PC World and they said to take them to the store. The store said they cannot book them in because they are out of warranty. I said I dont care about that you emailed me knowing this and told me to bring the two in! he looked like I was lying so I showed him the email.

He did not know who it was?!

He phoned them, I spoke to someone and they agred to do an out of warranty repair, a few days later I get a call to say I was being refunded. £220 paid into my account at £110 per tablet PC.

The mother of the daughters then tells me she has noticed her youngest daughter not carrying her tablet around like she normally does and suspects that one is faulty too.

I find out it is and email PC World about this one. They tell me I need the receipt. I tell them they have already been provided with the details via the two codes I sent them. They ask again and I tell them about a week ago…

“Oh tell you what…I will film all three and there faults, put them on YouTube and I will send you the link!”

Easter Monday morning I get a call on my headset while out on my bike. The lady is very nice and helpful and understands about my disability and my short term memory issues. She tells me she has the receipt where I bought two tablets together but not the other. I say “well in that case if it is the one I bought singly I paid by Visa I can get the bank statement” She says that will help but the store can give me the receipt.

I get the bank statement and next morning I get both receipts from the store just to be on the safe side and email both of them.

I get an email asking me to take the tablet into the store to show the fault and I have a blast at them and state why did they not effing tell me that when they told me to get the receipt from them?!

Today I got a call from PC World and do you know what the twat wanted? The receipt!!

After him telling me there was only two receipts I then raise my voice and state “Oh God I keep on telling you there are ONLY two receipts!!”

I had also told them there was a problem with the receipts I had and I only just remembered I forgot to mention them earlier.

The lady on the phone found another receipt on their system while we were talking but we did not use that one because it was wrong. She said I bought two first and then this other one on its own afterwards and I paid £130 for it. I said “No that is wrong…I did not pay £130 for ANY of the three tablets!”

Now the bit I forgot….the receipts state I paid not just £130 for one tablet but on another it states £179.99 which was its original price.

Now keep track here…

My bank statement says I paid £130 and also has the £50 I paid back?! So I paid £80 then for a tablet that did not go below £99.99 and then went up in price after that?! Was either £120 or £130 when I last saw one.


Well it gets better.

I had realised they were up to something and thought it tax evasion immediately but then thought it could not be that because they were changing the records and claiming they were receiving MORE money for the goods, not less.

Well that is until this dumb-arse on the phone mentioned something and totally contradicted Jackie from PC World who was on the phone to me a few days beforehand…

I only bought TWO tablets!

This was constantly insisted by him until I shouted at him, told him that he can stuff the £100 and that I will now video all three tablets and put them on YouTube and we will let others work it out for themselves what is going on.

What they are doing is altering their records to change the prices of what was sold and in this case also … LOST … one of the purchase details.


Now I am telling you now that this is NOT the big one I mentioned that is coming. No, no, no this will look like pissing in the wind when the other one is posted up, believe me on that one! LMAO!

No I believe this to be a large scale tax evasion by sort of losing purchases they do not then pay tax on. Considering this is all faulty refurbished shite, someone did say it was the Greek guy on Dragon’s Den that has a company doing all this…err badly? Oddly enough I find it strange when you make a lot of money out of what is cheating and then prance around like you have reached some big achievement and sit on that panel like your an accomplished businessman when your not if you cheated!

I can tell you now that the married couple are dumb-struck over this. The wife said a couple times that they have just made a mistake and that on the receipts I got it will say I bought two…I said it doesnt because I realised the figures amounts could not be for two.

So to summarise …

I paid £160 for one.

I then paid £99.99 each for two and was paid £50 back into my Visa for mine at the same time.

They have all been back between two minimum and four times each and could be five.

My bank statement says I paid £130 and then was paid back £50 for one.

They insist I paid £129.99 and £179.99 and …






Tegra Note Receipt 1
Tegra Note Receipt 2


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