‘Inevitable’… What a great word that is. I like this word.

With ‘inevitable’ you know where you stand. You know what is coming. Best of all you can picture the end even though you cannot see the end and can pretty much know what to expect. Give or take.

For me inevitability was an important word and one that was a permanent resident in my minds eye and one I strived for in so many ways and for so many things.

For each of my endeavours I strived for a stage that I wanted to reach that meant that the process would become inevitable in reaching its end and the outcome that which I had planned and wanted for so very long a time.

On that journey many failed to see what I did but despite the disappointment of this at times it mattered not. I knew what I was heading for and this was all that was important.

I would be lying if I did say that I was without doubt. However these moments were very seldom and extremely short lived. Hitting what seemed like the proverbial brick wall or a dead end I normally found a way through it all. No matter how blocked the path ahead may have seemed to me or others around me.

So you could be forgiven that I might chuckle inside when I state that a great many of those I attacked with all my might and intellect are still unclear to what I was striving for and that the stage I wanted has indeed already been reached. Yes, this is quite true.

Though I am certain that this will not go beyond this year of 2015 and this is OK and as I explained to a family member or two in the last 24 hours was designed all along that once realised there was little or nothing that they could do to stop the oncoming storm. Coming it is and when it arrives is still beyond my vision, no matter how good this ability may seem to be to those that read my posts.

In fact I had the pleasure of seeing more than one family member and speaking to another that sounds now as if they have seen the light. Though this may have come from themselves and conversations with others rather than coming from me. Outside of the reactions I had from several people two are of particular note.

One…present in my home for a brief period came from so very far away.

It has been a very long time before I saw them face to face and in this I have missed out on so much as regards feelings as well as knowledge of things occuring.

Brief though this visit may have been I learned a great deal about things ongoing that I was not aware of previously. It also came to my attention that they had just recently become aware that everything that I predicted would unfold has just been explained to them for the first time in several years. This also told me that this…finality is not very far away, not very far away indeed.

If you forced my hand I would have to state that it sounded like it could be a matter of weeks but these processes have taken even longer than the inordinate amount of time I already knew them to take and would state that 6 months at the outside I could comfortably predict. Well except that the key person who spoke briefly who is the figure of all that I predicted and aimed for presented herself to the person I referred to for the first time ever and stated that “I am going to need to speak to you in my office before long”. Sounding a great deal sooner than the 6 months at the outside that I have given it here.

That of my enemy has also been informed that a very large fine is coming their way and the magnitude is fairly large, in the order of hundreds of thousands of pounds if memory served me correctly, which it often does not admittedly.

This particular battle is perhaps my longest thought and the stage of inevitability was reached around two years ago.

Also surprising is that a shroud was cast over the proceedings at some point and I do not know when this occurred. It was a surprising one to hear, this I must say.

I also asked something I was expected to be told over the last couple of years and even asked from time to time and not asked for probably a year now and was always told no. “Have they mentioned me?”. “Well funny you should say that as they have!” and it was explained that they want to speak to me at some point. I always rather thought they would but likely near the end provided they were good and realised this process was a walk in the park. Not a very small park it turns out but with any likelihood that it did not look easy I would have heard from them a lot sooner, of that I am sure. No news really was good news on this occasion.

Before you wonder as to what extent they wish to talk to me I have no idea. Really.

Until the matter is concluded I really cannot say much more about all this either, though you may not have much longer to wait…and of course may not hear about if from me but other sources? Perhaps.

It is also linked to the most fantastical sounding of my endeavours too and one that would likely be equally noteworthy to this particular series of incidents, though a little more…exotic…and flamboyant sounding.

At this stage I am sure the imaginations are running riot of anyone reading this and … well … you really cannot go overboard in your imagination on this one.

No ones putting as damn statue up of me!

Pictures are frightening enough.

Also I could safely say that if I was to state that this would, or rather will, be a catalyst the likes of which have never been seen on this blog, despite all that I have posted, I may well be understating it by a fair few miles. And possible then some?

I guess those that want to go delving back into the documentation I have posted on here…err which would be right back at the beginning then you may work out what this is for yourselves?

Well some of you.

I can honestly state that despite knowing I would reach this point and the length of time it has taken to reach it…yes, believe it or not my head is spinning a little.

The inevitable victory truly dwarfs everything I have won thus far and the reason why it will be a catalyst of which I have very little doubt.

Hmm, maybe I should have given this post the title of “The Smoking Canon”? Lol!

Of course I wish history had gone very differently and I had not had to do this which I am sure will be obvious to one and all when the time comes.

Oh and I did have to leave my house for this one and may have to again…for a week or two too?!

If I realise that I do have to make this journey I will both announce it and let you know here and now that I can still post on here, wherever I am in the world.

Forget about what I achieved with the DWP. This is a game changer in a big way in a series of games I have long since been winning. Well I never intended to lose and allowed myself no margin for error in any way shape or form.

It will also rock my entire family and friends to their cores and they are already reeling from what I have told them.

There are, however, three family members and a couple of friends I wished were around to see this happen.

As for the remainder of the enemies still at large…well I cannot tell you how this will strike fear into them the devil himself would be envious of.

I started 2015 stating that this would be one hell of a year. I have more or less managed to get there and it is only the beginning or April and not even past the Easter holiday period yet. I am always my most active in just about everything in the warmer months, which have only now just arrived and I have 6 months of them to get through yet.

This also does not include the other things in the pipeline I have recently referred to either. Oh and that reminds me…I need to type out a letter or two.

The baby steps are about to change completely into giant leaps….not too far away either.

On speaking I looked at this person and said “Now do you remember I said I have a funny feeling my two main goals are going to be a race down to the wire between us?” I then told her what I recentkly found out about my own goals in all this and the odd thing is if this happens soon it will immediately propel me to reaching my own! Or I may just pip them to the post in reaching mine first?

Or pehaps I could wait until this major catalyst ignites and then put forward my own, thereby having the two endeavours fire off at the exact same time? Now that would be something toi get people talking?

I would not wander too far away if I were you.



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