How strange things have already turned for this election?

How contradictory, arrogant and typical the TV News media have become along with completely contradicting five of the seven present in the ITV debate and without realising it starring the that public are both stupid and utterly predictable?!

What am I speaking about?

Five in the debate later stated that the old school two party politics days after now over. Yet within a matter of hours and not even days the BBC were making remarks like “oh well it’s going to be Cameron or Milliband add Prime Minister in the ejection”.

Completely contradicting five of the seven and what most of the public stated in interviews on the street. Once again one of these effing polls that have always proved to be wrong with in knowing where in the world they come from but it’s Cameron or Milliband. Disregarding at the same time the number of people I saw in interviews state this is no longer just a protest vote.

Think of how utterly predictable they think most of you are? I would find that infuriating if I was a voter that always voted Labour, Conservative or indeed a swing vote who only swung between the big two? But they are not referring to me because I don’t belong to any of these three voting groups! Lol!

Also mind boggling is the fact that they are stating that out if the blue that UKIP have taken a massive drop in popularity?!

If this indeed true I laugh at the possible reasons. Because he was honest? He didn’t state that we should not pay for treatment of foreigners he simply stated that we could not any longer yet currently are. He likely has heard of many British complaining of being refused treatment, diagnosis and drugs for many things. If for instance I was told this and I know he had to have done then him finding out about the costs of the treatments of people coming here with HIV or AIDS then I would have said the exact same thing. Maybe differently? Maybe sounding better and to the point? Maybe he should have stated why no one is asking the governments of the countries these patients were coming from to pay the fees for their treatment?! Where are they in ask this and why do these governments who have forced their own period to flee to Britain so that we can both treat them and for the bill?! Why do they get away without mention?!

What Nigel Farage stated was the truth nevertheless.

So his popularity has dropped despite the fact he quoted the hard facts just a few days before they announced that the NHS was about to declare it had absolutely no money left at all and had no choice but to start charging for things like surgery and GP visits.

But those we all know to be lying have gained in popularity and the one that was honest has lost his popularity? How exactly and in what alternate reality does this work?

Do people bottle out at the last minute?

Do the News Media just assume people are full of shite and bottle out at the last minute?

Is it those that create these polls that think people are fickle or bottlers without a set of gonads that bottle out at the last minute?!

Or perhaps it is worse still and they are operating on behalf of someone else or under instruction and think the British public utterly fickle and easily led and manipulated and yet to lead them on and manipulate them into voting for the big two?!

I stated previously I so wanted this election to do something never seen before so badly because I wanted the media to look bad, incompetent and guilty so that I could rip several kinds of shite out of them?

Well much earlier than expected they handed me the evidence asking with the tools to explain way ahead of time why I stated this previously and here I am… explaining this.

It gets even more bizarre when I hear two people in politics I actually think are probably two of only half a dozen I like having a go at each other in another televised debate. Of course it had to be the Scottish two of … errr brain fried here …. Murphy and Nicola Sturgeon!

‘Damn, must no justice in the world!’ is what I thought as I caught a glimpse of it and heard a little of it before turning away in disappointment!

Why am I disappointed and why did the debate heat up?

Well because the News Media had everyone convinced that the British public are just fickle idiots which makes them utterly predictable of course and it scares politicians to turn on each other.

But what if the media miscalculated this time?

How could this be, you may ask?

Even if they are correct they may just have ignored two things about the politics and the voters staring them in the face? I see the possibility. Here they are …

1 All those that have always abstained from voting which I see as wise and intelligent. They may just see this and decide to stir from their slumber?

2 Those that previously voted for the Liberal Democrats? Well I think it may well be possible that these people will desert the Liberals for someone else and also avoid the big two?

Either of these two could make a huge difference to the outcome of the election on their own merits. I believe a combination of the two will take place. It would only need the media to be wrong… again or better still to everyone to note their stupidity and arrogance and want to vote so that they look wrong and I would be … In heaven!!


I would truly relish if all those planks looked so utterly wrong to be really embarrassing and leave them speechless and I would actually believe there is a God!


I cannot believe the things I am both seeing and hearing that have taken place in just the last few days?! We have not days but weeks to go before polling day and my mind is struggling to think what in the hell else I will witness before the day comes around?

I still have several things to reveal between now and then and some other large juicy pieces of fruit dancing precariously from their trees while I continue to shake them.

Hmm now that I think about it I think two more letters need to be sent off this week just to give that tree a damned good shake in time for the general election?

One tree just recently landed one extra strange fruit when I glanced into my basket to see what had occurred. Some very stage fruit indeed.

Must off the to of my head there are six, yes that is 6, things that are either ready to reveal or should be ready to reveal before the general election. Ooh no wait… that’s SEVEN!!


Provided I have not forgotten any others that is…

Or indeed may think of some to rattle in the meantime?

Oh crap! Sorry it’s EIGHT!

Eight names heading for some reveals that are going to make a great many people extremely uncomfortable.

Also, of I am correct in the assumptions I have as yet been unable to provide evidence on and mm suspicion or hope that things on polling day swing far enough in the direction I want then they wool be in trouble, this is a certainty! Because no one new, in a new and improved government in an all new system will want to be associated with these organisations getting away with murder. Oh and in some cases I do mean MURDER!

Also one famous investigation had worked in parallel to one of my own and not only had this not gone unnoticed by me I have also noticed that there have been no further revelations despite investigators stating to the media to expect more?!

This declaration was some months ago now and yet out of a possible 104, lol I think the number is 104, not one name had surfaced!

Remember mine has run in parallel to one already very much in the spotlight. Which means I have one in the palm of my hands that investigators previously stated to expect more of?

What should be noted by you from this?

Well I’m all about planning ahead and traps. For those already mentioned and what should be obvious those that have not been mentioned. My parallel investigation to one known is in itself a very large trap for what is one, or really a dozen or so, very large industry. One that has already fallen for a while list of traps I have kept mum about since day one. Oh well, alright I have insinuated in their general direction a fair few times as a bit of fun and to make them look all the more incompetent when the time eventually comes.

They have already had bad press, lol that’s funny right there, and yet when finished with will just as guilty and maybe more so than those they have themselves ripped the crap out of. No question marks allowed!

It’s all about the planning and the lots of little to medium sized runs that build up before the coupe de grace is delivered at the end.

Then there are revelations and actions then span well beyond several years that they simply cannot side step.

Once done I will leave this one alone for many others to take up and put things together. I would have moved on to many other things by then which will become obvious from other posts I make between now and June. Well provided I have crunched some numbers by then and not forgotten?!


I told a few people that I had a very strong feeling and vision that this year was going to be a good one. I have had done good outcomes already and what follows all far surpass anything I have achieved to date! And then some!

Not one, two or three but several things will surpass everything that had gone before.

Yet the date today is only the 8th April, 2015.

Between now and July several more thing can join that queue?

Imagine that?

In a few months when I’ve posted on several of the things I have right now it will become obvious to one and all that this truly will be a noteworthy year. One I hope that will lead into better things for everyone?

With only a little luck needed.

Hoo bloody rah to that! Oh and amen, of course!

Election 2015: SNP ‘will help make Miliband PM’, Sturgeon says –


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