As I stated from the start of this blog, sit back and watch as I go through every public funded organisation and service and several private retail firms and with genuine and legitimate complaints many easily proved and others with evidence and them all do NOTHING.

Oh well OK, there is the exception to the rule and that was of course the DWP.

Well they did kind of fall for an intricate and clever trap and I had them beaten and in a corner with no room for manaeuvre. The game was quite literally up and they knew it.

Hmm…yes I have done this with someone else I have yet to post about but its mere small time stuff and will gain attention but not a big thing from my perspective. It will be four wins out of four, that is for certain.

Anyhoo as I recently published, Three Mobile uploaded Lollipop, Android version 5, to my phone except it wasn’t Lollipop. It had some additions to it I was not warned about so was placed there without asking. Legally WRONG!

This added software then stopped thee only service I had a mobile phone for, well other than my daughter wanting to call me in an emergency but I can do this now with my landline and ansering machine. Their software then told you that they were unable to provide a mobile tethering service which was entirely inaccurate. A lie. A lie they repeated to me when I was in their store, oddly enough the contracts allowed you to use it.

I also get hardly to zero service on mobile broadband in my house but every single service provider said that I did. Once again they all lied.

Proving they were lying I then placed their SIM CARD into my old smashed up Motorola Atrix phone that Very Catalogue took me to court for because I refused to pay for and I won…without leaving my sofa. I then successfully wirelessly tethered said device and was on-line on my laptop.

I specified to both Three Mobile and Ofcom that “All I can Eat Data” is what it says…but according to Ofcom, no it does not and English can be completely forgotten about when they are helping their mates out…or the Mobile Network providers. Oops. BLA-URRRT!! WRONG.

I can and have proved for 5 years that I can eat a lot of data. Both mobile phones and those pointless wireless mobile broadband modems, as you have one in your phone, have stupid 1GB to 4GB limits on them despite us being on 4G.

Do you have one of those Hi-Res screens? Above 1080p? How much because the programs, videos and YouTube they keep telling yo to visit eats up massive amounts. The 1080p would hit 1GB ion about ten minutes. As you rise to 4K screens this rises incredibly quickly. Even a half hour show of one of your favorites would be a no-no. But hey….your probably paying twice for an Internet connection at home, right? SO everything is cool….until you go away for any length of time or go camping, lol.

Interesting is how one woman gets her facts wrong in defending Three stating that they can see what your doing with your data…well NO, they cannot unless I want them to or let them. Nor should they know really nor be watching.

I have no problems with algorithms that can smartly detect what conversations to record and store away and be flagged with something that should be listened to. HOWEVER, I do have a problem when they ignore this, listen and store everything on everyone which people do not realise takes an enormous amount opf money, storage space and not to mention power when 99.9% of it is useless.

Useless that is until you spot a pattern in their actions and realise they are doing all this for corporate espionage and so actually acting for and on behalf of the richest dudes in the world…or in our case in America.

No, no…NO!

As well as this…someone hacked into my WIFI and this was a clever, clever attempt. This was a couple years back and using WIFI so were close by. No one around here has that sort of knowledge along with being close enough to do this. It was someone…hm let us say, not from around here. They used Macbook Pro’s to do it too.

If I have data I do not want them to peruse then they wont. It is my guess that the hacking was done by GCHQ due to what I was involved in at the time plus I had been…umm helping them out, along with MI5 at the time so was no surprise at all.

Like everyone else I let them think I was none the wiser, the connection would not reach my data and added to this I let the connection remain for several minutes and then cut it off. This would give the impression there was a connection problem whereas if I cut it immediately they would guess I was on to them and they may have decided to take more drastic action? I did not want the drastic version to take place so I was…slow and deliberate in my actions.

Anyhoo…had a long to’ing and fro’ing with Ofcom about this, here is what we both said in the last few emails …


Dear  Sirs

The complaint has gone on for months, not just a few weeks.
I am sorry but ‘all you can eat data’ is pretty self explanatory and you require nothing else to act on other than this.
Also, I thought I mentioned but may have discovered this AFTER’ I last contacted you but they lied and are lying and are still lying about what they did and |I already proved it on my blog. That is to say that there warning page states that they are unable to provide a mobile tethering service at this stage and either stated or implied a technology standpoint..
However I was ALREADY performing mobile tethering and to prove that they did exactly what I had stated I simply plugged my old Three mobile chip, the one that was currently used when I made the complaint that is, and place it in an old bashed up Motorola Atrix with a smashed screen and was able to get online using my desktop.
These issues along with others being totally ignored is, along with everything else, peeing off the British public and customers and this is happening with ever more things in both retail and public services and is acquiring more and more pee’d off people all the time.
I know because I get 15,000 each month and rising and I dare say it will be 50,000 before very long, especially as I am now increasing the tools I use to be productive on the Internet and will be acquiring ever more as I think of them thought the rest of this year, 2015, so that by the end of the year my audience will be somewhat impressive and the tools will make sure that my content increases on the Internet and almost seeming to be exponential throughout this year meaning my monthly visits will climb higher than the have before.
I have posted for merely two and a half years and now know that most people achieve what I have done in double that time.
Unfortunately many people in public services and even retail chains have absolutely no clue about the digital world and the Internet and I see it, hear it and spot it all the time and everywhere. I, however, do and I have seen many things over the last twenty years and able to document a great deal.
My blog shows the ineffectiveness and corruption that is rife throughout public funded services and private ones too.
What I provide in each is incontrovertible and it is as simple as that.
The corruption discovered and/or ineffectiveness of public service or government run organisations, of which even MI5 and GCHQ were included as I was helping them out with locations and that is all I will say on the matter, has been 100% as I have conducted each investigation via a legitimate need to go through someone.
You see I did not care that nothing was done and no action was taken and that was exactly what I told the public would happen over 2.5 years ago when I started blogging…
  • I showed many years of previous contact and evidence of corruption/incompetence going back 20 years
  • I then stated that they should all watch as I gather information and evidence and one by one and often several times with each organisation that they would do nothing
  • I then published everything as I went and all emails and documentation that eight did or did not come back of which I highlighted this
  • Plausible denial was eradicated before I started each approach and in many instances I used recorded post a couple of times on each as well as emails
So in each contact as each one tries extremely hard to not do anything I also hint at emails being forwarded to wherever the work has been offloaded to.
I do not really care about what you do, I had a legitimate reason of complaint based on pure and simple plain English and then I put on a show as 15,000 people and rising each month visit to see the wriggling, lying, cheating, falsification and unloading to someone else, or not as the case may be, some very serious crimes that everyone ignores including the Police.
I can assure you and your bosses that not only did correctly avoid being stopped in the early stages by providing a great deal of evidence immediately and avoided the tabloids and TV news media to which I already know are corrupt, and there is a plan in place for them too, that this year there are going to be some very surprising things on my blog, very surprising indeed.
Now what I do is publish all this to achieve one thing and one thing only, as stated I always knew every approach would come to naught. I simply cajoled readers into asking themselves one simple question…
  • Do they actually do anything and why am I paying for this out of my taxes?
So you might sit there reading this shrugging your shoulders because your bosses said this and that but your bosses also do things there staff are unware of, or at least they hope they are not, which are underhanded and wrong. I am doing and getting exactly what I told my readers I would get in each case. Thereby proving my point and considering that …
  • I have over 100GB of data as evidence and that despite explaining some very serious crimes everyone fell into one simple trap…I told them I gave them around 25% of what I had and they made decisions to do nothing without actually asking for the rest of it
  • Not one person has come down on the side of those that became my victims. Dozens of public funded organisations and out of 200,000 people and a survey with numbers no TV News Media has ever seen the likes of and we still wait for one single solitary defender from the public
  • Pointing out what many idiots miss….those 200,000 have careers. They could be journalists, Vicars (well one was and left a comment and could not thank me enough for reasons I will NOT go into here), Members of Parliament (I have at least TWO MP’s I know of I will nott name either) and all manner of other professions.
  • From day one I also encouraged whistleblowers to come out before being forced to fall on their own swords when the crap hit the fan and the bosses ultimately responsible and knew full well what they were doing decide to do a runner and go off to run some other public funded organisation whereby it starts all over again and they get away with it
  • No, from day one I was never after front line staff, like you for instance. I wanted to get at those ultimately repsonsible and cause them sleepless nights when they realised what I have done, what I am capable of and exactly what I will do next
So thank you for complying with all the above and for not sending off the email as I asked. Well I type that but I have not read all your email. God, people put so much blab into emails that means nothing nor actually achieves any goal. Just blab, blab, blab. We do this and we do that and yet the public never bloody see any evidence of it and nothing ever changes. Or does every five years or so. So yeah I am just assuming you did not forward it to that ADR, ARD, DRA or whatever other public funded body I had never heard f before.
Oh yeah and speaking of that I did a long run down series of blog posts regarding FOIs over funding and salaries and listed them on-line. My God, even I had no clue and not even close to estimating how many there were! The number 104 seems to ring a bell but every noa and then I find out there is another?!
Yes so thanks for that too, all good to keep adding these spongers to the long list of spongers.
Martin Haswell BSc

Subject: Ofcom reference: 1-282315014
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2015 15:40:38 +0000

Ofcom reference: 1-282315014

2 April 2015

Dear Mr Haswell

Thank you for your email of 24 March 2015, the contents of which have been noted. I understand you would like to know what Ofcom, as an organisation does. In the telecoms area, we do not become involved in individual disputes; however, we do register complaints received which helps us to highlight areas of concern. If we notice that there may be a particular issue around a certain subject and/or provider, where appropriate, we may take further action. Further information about the services we that regulate and how we do this is shown at:

In terms of your complaint relating to Three, it is a providers commercial decision as to whether they allow tethering and if so, on what type of packages. It may also be worthwhile taking into account that, unfortunately, ‘all you can eat data’ doesn’t negate the position on tethering. Nevertheless, it might be a good idea for you to check Three’s terms and conditions to clarify the situation. If you feel that Three has acted outside of these, they have a complaints process you can follow which can be found

Once you have exhausted the process of been complaining for over eight weeks, you may wish to take the matter to an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme. An ADR scheme deals with individual complaints and is an important piece of consumer protection, as they are free and independent for consumers like you. Three must abide by the ADR scheme’s decision, but if you remain unhappy you are free to consider legal action. Three’s ADR scheme is:

Ombudsman Services: Communications (OSC)

PO Box 730

Telephone: 0330 440 1614


Please note; OSC is unable to overturn Three’s decision not to allow tethering because as mentioned above, this is a commercial decision.

Turning to you stating that you haven’t given Three permission to store data on your computer, it is unlikely that they are doing so. As Three can see how you are accessing their network, they can detect tethering and subsequently display their webpage.

Regarding the faulty goods issue that you highlighted, there are no Ofcom regulations that relate to this, but it may be covered by the Sale of Goods Act. If you would like advice on this, you should be able to obtain further information from the Citizens Advice consumer service. You can contact the Citizens Advice consumer service on: 03454 040506 and their website can be accessed at:

Finally, I would like to thank you for contacting Ofcom and can confirm that your complaint has been registered for monitoring purposes.

Yours sincerely

Sandra Sutton

Consumer Contact Team


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