Top bosses have written a letter basically stating that things would be far worse under Labour?!?

I am sorry I find this bizarre. For a whole list a reasons.

Worse? Worse?

My bloody word, they have some unique ability for insight which has vibe or if the blue because they had no idea the last 5 years were coming! I would love to ask how they acquired such a unique ability which up until writing that letter had completely evaded then their entire lives?!


The other reason… sorry, the other main reason I found this bizarre would be that any bosses willing to put their own name to a letter like that would have to be a complete idiot! Such an idiot that you works have to ask yourself if they had any abilities at all, let alone one of insight.

Mind boggling, quite simply.

With the hardships that everyone have gone through for over 5 years and still are along with David Cameron making it perfectly clear with Jeremy Paxman’s question of “How many more Food Banks have appeared since you became Prime Minister?” that he had not only no clue but didn’t care you would have to be one hell of an amoral moron to put your name to that list and then some!

If I was in anyway a person of an amoral nature, a fat cat/rich businessman and at least as six brain cells working successfully as a team there is no way I would do that!

I imagine that list of names will get compiled by many people…likely with some inventive not to mention… humorous additional statements. These will then circulate around the Internet and likely presented in some artful way?

They just never learn, do they? Still clueless about the Internet and that you can’t say anything, get away with anything or even….avoid anything, even reporting on it, any more.

Quite literally what goes around comes around and bites you in the arse! It no longer matters and should be clear this is the case whether it’s something that’s 6 months to a year old or indeed two decades old.

If I was Edd Milliband I would simply ignore it. In fact if it were me I would be laughing like a drain… well you did just read this post so that should be obvious.

Funnily enough this collection of people are probably in charge of so much money collectively that ten or twenty percent of it could end the crisis in this country overnight?! They would probably not even notice the missing cash either?!

Now when anyone and everyone that has had to visit a Food Bank along with many millions more may just come to these realisations between now and the general election. If so then I imagine that this letter may just backfire on them for not just the election but for five years or more after it?

Well I would imagine.

Hmm a list, eh? Now where did I put my Parker Premium fountain pen and my black Moleskine notebook?


Sorry, anyone that thinks the Conservative are for them are two sandwiches short of a picnic on the grey matter front. I can safely state this based on the Jeremy Pacman question alone! Like one idiot woman member of the public on TV stating that the Conservatives cared about the working people?

They do?

Funny as I know several people that would disagree and some previously loyal Conservative voters for years! And no I did not make them go to another political party, lol.

There had been no evidence of any kind that what this woman said I’d the case. None. Unless you’re on a higher salary.

If your reading this, I take it a quarter of your local shops are not empty and all small businesses near where you live in Neverneverland are all driving Lamborghinis? If so tell me where it is because I would happily move house and a few business owners I know would do it if not to far away! A bit to far and they might have to think longer about it but I would imagine inside of around 70 miles and they would be off!

Now the last time I checked and believe me I have dive for years running a small business takes a humongous amount of sweat and work for the owners and their limited staff. A limited amount of staff they will soon likely lay off because they can’t afford to finance private pensions for them?!

Ooh now suddenly these local working people are left to be treated like criminals, liars and without exaggerating wise than dogs by those you voted for! No question on that! God forbid you have an accident and leave yourself with a disability whether physically or mentally… trust me on that. By then you may have raised, if a serious knock on the head leaves you with difficulties, that even someone instantly killing 150 innocent people won’t change them one iota to give a crap about mental health sufferers.


It’s my opinion that people below a certain … IQ should not be allowed to vote, lol! I always ask myself if the fact we are always in one shit street or a black hole because there are a large percentage of idiots and naive people. Toss the amoral lot in with them and then it starts to make sense why we always vote for the same old shite?

The question is now that we have put our hands in the fire a dozen times now and got burnt … have we learnt anything?

I guess we will find out in a few weeks?

After the last ten years it’s going to reveal a hell of a lot about us as a nation. This will likely only occur on the Internet because the media have their own agendas. Which involves completely ignoring or refusing to prioritise correctly the news … the real news and not celebrity gossip trash for the many air heads that appear to be out there.

Election 2015: Bosses’ letter backing Tories fuels business battle – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2015-32141412


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