I saw and read about what happened with that aircraft going down and fixed to do so by someone with mental game issues.

Such a terrible tragedy.

There is not much I can say about it that has not ahead said.

Instead, however, I am going to state something I have said before on here and several times to and this sad tragedy has outside that which I have stated.

Also I am referring to here in the UK and not Germany but it matters not because the tragedy proves something I have stated before and nails it home.

I’m referring to both the way the mental health sufferers were both cute loose and also has their money cut down by mitre than half. It also is to the idiots, like an old man I heard the other day, that thinks all the troubles are caused by the welfare system. Your both stupid and extremely bad at maths if you think this, sorry but it’s the truth.

Now I stated that when cut loose these people can and will both steal, thieve and possibly injure or even kill.

Now take away all the money and support and what do you think we’ll happen with the figures of all the above?

I also stated that if you ignored this and one of these incident or even the trouble tragedies occurred to with you personally or someone you cared about, who would you have to blame? The idiots you listened to, believed and voted for like the mindless sheep you are?

No, YOU!

If you don’t realise our take the time to fact check then your to blame, nit the person you voted for… thigh admittedly they have plenty of other things to be guilty about that’s for sure.

Rising crimes, murders, burglary, muggings and God only know what else which you were responsible for all because you right you would get a few quid in your pocket each week?

Well no, that’s not selfish nor is it draconian much.

Face up to reality as well as your responsibilities and don’t just decide on what’s wrong or what’s to blame on a WHIM!

After all, I spent years working my fecking butt off in pain, into the darkest and depraved places in the human mind and at my own cost and for free bit just to help those who gave been victims like me but to also teach others to wake the fuck up!

Be responsible for one and maybe you won’t spend five years being…living in denial or possibly even with a secret guilty complex for the next five years?

Just maybe.

Alps crash: Lubitz ‘had treatment for suicidal tendencies’ –


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