Sorry. I have been offline.

Yes I have had several things going on and one of those is being ripped off yuet again and several times just to get one fucking services to work!

This is…*SIGH*…still ongoing for the time being.

Right now it is supposed to be sunny all day…according to BBC Weather last night and I was having in interior battle about whether to go out on my bike as I have not done so for a fair few days, or go out back the the Virgin Media store as I forgot I changed my mobile phone number temporarily, to thir service strangely enough, for the interim period until they actually install my landline and broadband service.

Yes I have had enough of mobile phones what with Android and the UK mobile providers!

They fail to realise that some people are not willing to pay twice, let alone four effing times, for what is in effect the same service! I also have to put up with the fact that we are in a reverse situation today to which also in itself shows the greed whereby landlines are now more expensive than mobile contracts!!

My father had one of the first mobile phones and the battery on standby only lasted a few hours and you can imagine the talk time?! Not very long and about 30 minutes for something the size of a brick. Yet despite the fact the phone was dead most of the day the monthly bill still amounted to around £1000! Madness! As this price started to drop there was a point when landlines…FINALLY…started to drop. Only today its turned on its head as my mobile bill was £15 per month and my landline is going to cost about £28 per month. Stupid.

But then as long as it works and even at half the damn speed advertised it will be fantastic and all very dreamy for me…what with my mobile connection only achieving 0.97mb/s at the best time of the day forst thin in the morning! Whatever happened to this law that they were supposed to provide 2mb/s?!

I wanted to go with BT but while ordering a 17mb/s service and spending hallf an hour doing so they hit me with small pront that stated I would only get 2.0mb/s to 8mb/s speeds?! Funny as they did not drop the price to one fifth of what they wanted each month! The cheeky bastards even said “Oh dont click away from this screen!” with the only other option being the ‘PAY’ button!!

Anyhoo since the trouble with Three mobile I was then lied to by an idiot in the store who first said I can have tethering and then sat me down and pulled out a contract?! I asked what that was and they said it was a contract and I said I did not want that! Pay As You Go only as their service was shit anyway! A black American guy who had weorked in their for years then interrupted, yet again, and then said they cannot provide that on Pay As You Go?! I said that they could because I had, had the serrvice for two years and that it was ‘all you can eat’ data and until I updated my phone with Android 5.0, or Lollipop, everything was fine. They had no right to alter Lollipop and do this. He said I was wrong and that …

“You cannot do it and your not right because mobiler phones use a lot more data than other devices because the data is compressed”?!

Yes, I kid you not! That was what he said!

He then looked annoyed as I belittled him in front of a female colleague by pointing out that he was wrong and that data is data and a limit is a limit and it is no longer “All you can eat data”.

Anyhoo I went online with Virgin Media after picking up a sim in Sainsburys that said if I topped up £15 I get 4GB and some other stuff. Sounds automated, right? I thought ‘Oh how cool, saves a lot of hassle!” only within 24 hours I had no connection and did not know why and had no messages about it. Imagine how annoyed I was that I had to go a mile to an ATM because standing at the foot of a transmitter where I live, now only one as one has vansihed from a rooftop behind me, I could not log on to digital banking to move money around?!

Yes, pissed off ain’t the word!

Anyway I had not had a phonecall from Virgin Media about the landline si thought this be the best bet until that was installed and then later found out I had used up the credit and had not phoned 789, or whatever the damn number was, to set up the ‘Big Data’ tarrif. Well not that big as Three was unlimited…well was!

It gets better as what I decide to do is get another £15 and do it correctly, yes so thats now £30 in 24 hours. While heading for the shop I remember I have my old busted up and fault Moto Atrix indoors and decide to get £10 for the Three sim and put it in that phone. Also some might not have my new number…umm like Virgin Media?! Confused…read again about waiting for my landline and broadband to be installed and with who?! Lol!

I get back and late at night when the phone is charged, the Atrix, I place the sim in it.

The next morning I switch it on and go downstairs to put on my PC as the only reason I did all that was because of a game I just got back into on my PC, Dragon Age Inquisition.

Only along with all the annoying updates that they charge YOU for, for your mobile that helps THEM and not you by screwing you even more my game refuses to run unless its updated! Twenty minutes and the allowance I got on my Three Mobile is now GONE!

Confused? Yeah well you should be …

Because what I did was TEST the wireless tethering on my Three sim now that its in an old phone and no longer linked to the altered Lollipop, Android 5.0 which you would have paid to download…or may have. Guess what?! Err you WERE reading weren’t you? IT WORKED!!

Meaning they lied in the store and lied on their webpage? Ohh you dont recall that?

Well take a look … after I also get an email from Ofcom and email them bacvk with all this shit too!!! Pasted that after screenshot …

I have others coming to and one on Eon Energy but I need to email them again…ripping shit out of their cocky attitude and telling them they have shown they dont give a crap about complaints or customers despite lying to me telling me otherwise and telling them I am going to make them wait two further weeks for their cash!! LOL!

Three Tether 240315



Dear Sirs


Hmm, as I expected.

What exactly IS your role and how is it justified exactly?

To continue on with this complaint, just for your information, it for a great deal worse…

After my Moto G phone update to Lollipop, or Android 5.0 which has had no notified changes other than cosmetic and the issues that seriously screwed up the last 8 versions are still present so WTF, Three Mobile have done some very, very bad things.

Two hours before my All In One 15 credit was about to run out my Internet stopped working completely on my desktop. Upon looking at my phone, which was upstairs bring used for mobile wireless tethering, I noticed that with two hours to go I had two dozen text messages from Three Mobile. In it they stated that my phone was being used for wireless tethering and was not allowed on Pay As You Go?!

1 Technically it is not Pay As You Go as I buy a PRE-PURCHASE package already mentioned. Not a pay monthly bill where I pay AFTER I have used the service.

2 Secondly they advertise ‘All In One 15’ is ‘All you can eat data’, which now it is bit no longer but the service still stands.

3 Thirdly and as a software engineer and nearly forty years excursiveness with computers this pay for each device is robbery. This is NOT a figure of speech and is robbery. In fact my ever more popular blog delves into both fine detail as well as a while heap of evidence of how large corporations get away with the greatest and most evil of crimes yet if a single individual was caught doing so much as the slightest thing then the proverbial weight in masonry congress hurtling from the sky.

4 On then trying to go online again on my desktop I run Google Chrome and yet a Three webpage comes up on there informing me about the wireless tethering rule?! Funny as I do not recall giving them permission to store their bloody data on my PC!! Another example of how large corporations bit only do add they damn week please but know that no one checks them, actually taking the piss out of the chumps that were tasked to by making their positions look more untenable all the time! Since then I have switched to Virgin (funny Android don’t Luke ‘Virgin and that goes on the huge list of faults) Media mobile for a brief time until they install my first ever landline (never ever using a mobile service ever, ever again) where I lost ten pounds because they were not clear on the cover and reception still dreadful and yet the Three webpage came up on my desktop computer desire not being connected the Three at all?! I how they have not blocked my PC from browsing for if they have and after the unnecessary run around, then breaking the law and me in pain and with the lies I am going to walk in their sure and knock that American spark out!

Oddly this is something I have expected the general public to do more and more because it’s the only way you get noticed or listened to in the UK and the priorities when it cobra to morals is ask back to front within the UK.

No one in business should be asking themselves why the UK is in such a dire way and it still is, despite the inaccurate crap the government tell you in the TV News and they also themselves seen clueless to, because the public are not idiots… OK so most of them are not idiots and more and more are getting wiser all the time.

Added to this is the fact that a hell of a lot of goods you buy are faulty/returns/returns too and I’m talking of PC World, Argos, Littlewoods/Very/Is me Catalogues, B@Q and likely others too! Don’t even respond negatively about that as I have not only proved this with video and audio with 80% of what I’ve bought but put it online and also won a court case over it without even leaving my house!

5 On visiting my local Three store to ask about this, which despite my anger I kept calm about, I asked for another Pay As You Go sim I can do wireless tethering on and then was day down only to have a contract pulled out from a drawer?! On asking why she pulled it out as I only wanted a pay as you go sim she looked at the black American guy, who had previously stuck his nose in and worked there for years, and he stated that I can only have wireless tethering on contact. This then renders pay as you go as bout pay as you go any longer! On asking why and despite previously mentioning my knowledge in the hardware and rerouting it’s ask the same data…

“No it’s not the same because mobile phones use a lot more data than other devices and that is because the data is compressed”?!

Oh but it’s not your remit, is it not?

Well what did it matter if we do a little less than last time and a little less than the time before that or lie a little more or cheat a little more. It’s what everyone does, is it not? How long had the saying ‘You don’t get anywhere in this world by being honest’ been accepted by all?

Well that’s why this country is in a terrible state and will be, as I predicted so yen years ago, foretold on my blog nearly three years ago, that we still are and will continue to be.

Because a whole effing long list of people paid to do something they either don’t our weighed out of think they deserve salaries to do nothing other than issuing the is letter to with the media or government.

Takes a large building and ask that staff to type the odd letter does it?!

I certainly got your not using Android tablets to do any typing?! Because it’s a nightmare and it can’t spell in English, changes words typed out rendering the sentence ineligible and you have to change at least two words every sentence!

Oh well what dues it matter if it don’t work quite right?

Well it does when everyone does this and everything you have don’t work quite right and yet everyone seems extremely good and impeccable at both asking for the full amount of money or TAKING THE FULL AMOUNT OF MONEY… along with taking a few other things besides.

If you think that any part of this makes either an interesting or a good argument… well believe me it does not come close to over a thousand, at least, of my posts. These actually must be close to over 2,500 and the reason why I am growing in popularity?!

Because I make sense when no one else does, am honest, to the point and see ask this coming ten years ago while I still talk to idiots with excuses.

I presume you might now do the simple thing of forwarding this on to the email address associated with this kind of complaint? Or is that not in your remit either?!

Oh and a tip for all the idiots that son organisations like yours… loose the pre-written and prescripted crap that talks to people like they are morons seriously lacking in grey matter.


Martin Haswell BSc

Are you effing kidding me?!

I pointed out that this was clearly wrong and I got a funny look as I had just embarrassed him in front of the lady I was speaking to but then if you don’t bullshit you won’t get embarrassed.

Sent from myMail app for Android

Thursday, 19 March 2015, 04:22pm +00:00 from OCCtelecoms <>:

Ofcom reference: 1-282315014
19 March 2015
Dear Mr Haswell
Thank you for your email dated 13 March 2015, in which you raised your concerns about the quality of broadband across North London, amongst other issues. Whilst Ofcom’s role does not include dealing with
individual complaints, I can supply some information on the issues that fall within Ofcom’s remit.
In terms of the speed problems you are having, I can understand the frustration this may be causing. It may be of interest to know that we have in place a Voluntary Code of Practice specifically for broadband speeds. Under this, providers should do everything they can to make sure consumers achieve the speed they signed up for.
Although the obligation to release customers experiencing poor speeds from their contract only applies if they have joined within the last 3 months, we would still
expect providers to help all consumers, even if they have been with them for longer. If you would like to see the Code in detail, this can be found on our website at: .
In view of the above, you may wish to raise your individual complaint about the broadband speed with your provider. In the event that you remain unhappy, you might
want to follow your provider’s complaints process which should be shown on their website or can be obtained by contacting their customer services department directly.
You will see from reading the process that the final stage involves taking the matter to an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme. An ADR scheme deals with individual complaints and is an important piece of consumer protection, as they are free and independent for consumers like you. Your provider must abide
by the ADR scheme’s decision, but if you remain unhappy you are free to consider legal action. Details of which ADR scheme your provider has joined will be shown in their complaints
In terms of the availability of broadband in general, there is currently no obligation on a provider to supply this service. However, the Governments Digital Britain report sets out ways to provide access
to standard broadband (2Mbps) for all provide by 2016 and superfast broadband coverage to 95% of premises by 2017. This is confirmed at: .
Turning to you asking for details of Ofcom’s running costs, this, plus information on our role is available on our website at: .
I hope the above proves useful and would like to thank you for taking the time to let us know about your complaint. I can confirm this has been registered here at Ofcom for monitoring purposes. Where we see a rise in similar complaints, we may take further action.
Yours sincerely
Sandra Sutton
Consumer Contact Team



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