Every now and then I receieve emails regarding causes, petitions and protests regarding some form or other.

Every now and then I am surprised by the very organisations because they are so strict about being politically correct that it has gone way overr the top and those they do not want to upset lately can show their true colours and even at any ages.

Firstly I know a schoolboy who has had a difficult time of it. He was picked upon by a another boy bigger than him and of a different race. He is a little small for his age and unforortunately an easy target most of the time. On this particular ocassion he had a new Thermos branded flask and the other boy took it, spat inside it and threw it at a bus.

Not aware of how things are done in schools I was told how the mother of the boy spoke to some kind of Police Officer that deals with schools and troubles from pupils. I do not know when this was set up and wondered if it had anything to do with the increase in knife crimes and that poor teacher that died after being stabbed? The officer told the mother on the phone that this particular school, very close to Enfield Island Village, not sure of the name of the school, took over because the previous officer quit over stress of dealing with these kids. He went on to explain that since he haad taken over and with over ten years experience he had never come across a school or an area like it. First off on approaching two boys about their behaviour they then threatened to kill him. He had to then get two Metropolitan Police Officers to come down and physically arrest the boys and take them to a Police Station hoping this would scare them. It had no effect. The school the boy I know attends came as a shock to him with more than just trouble from the kids as previously a member of staff, I think it was the Deputy Head but could be wrong, was sacked for stealing equipment from the school?!

All I can say is WTF?!

He want on to agreeing with the mother about what these kids need and I will not be stating here out of protection of those involved but what was agreed upon was something that that the officer would never have agreed upon before his new posting.

This is Enfield for christ’s sake?!

In Jersey a man, called Steve, that suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy and MRSA lives in care and has done for 5 years. Now he wants to return home to Scotland to be near his family so he can see them a lot more often and his family want him there. However he is being refused this?!

Now as I understand it the authorities in Jersey pay for his care and the family want him to return to Ayrshire in Scotland and the authorities there are refusing to fund his care unless the authorities in Jersey pay for it?!

That is bonkers!! The authorities in Jersey stated that they would only pay for one month.

Why are the authorities in Scotland, I thought it was supposed to be a wonderful place to live, refusing to fund his care is what I want to know?%

Anyhoo…they emailed me and asked if I would sign a petition and I thought I would post that email link to it in here…


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