I get bombarded with emails.

In fact I get so bombarded with emails that if I stated that each of the major two political parties send me so many emails that you could consider each of these alone is being bombarded with emails then you might get an idea of how bombarded I get.

I never get anything nice though…or helpful or anything that states that I am going to be better off, or get help or that I have achieved some really important milestone in all my endeavours…oh no!

I get bombarded with emails from companies regarding my blog that want me to pay them money so that they can work on my blog and put me onto page one in Google?! Except many of my blogs are hosted on Blogger which is Google. So how can they do anything that Google is not doing?!

Added to this if there are 20 places, for arguments sake, on page one of a Google search and their are dozens of companies offereing this service for a fee and each one aquires to blog/website owers to pay them money, how in the hell can they guarantee you get placed on the first page on any bloody search engine?!

They are called SEO specialists which stands for Search Engine Optimisation and something I could learn myself in a couple of days if I needed to. Sometimes I get annoyed and I reply and put it to them what I stated in the previous paragraph and ask them how  they can manage this as it is mathematically impossible. All they do is re-send the same email they already sent. Sometimes I say ‘tell you what, you do the service and I will pay you when I get paid or you can earn a percentage of what I make?!’

They never take me up on the offer and fail to realise that I just quite simply caught them out! Jesus! Lol!

I will tell you something else about these SEO companies…they all are based in India?! So far I have had around 8 or more companies email me and I am sure that will grow quite a lot during 2015 and I wonder if I will ever get a company based in another country other than India?

They are either really stupid chancers or really bad at what they do if they are a genuine SEO company.

One email I just received asked me if I could put a question to Ed Milliband…so I did!

I told him what I had been doing and that I had uncovered corruption in almost all the public services, a number of large retail outlets and witnessed what the other big organisations were up to, like Energy Companies and in a round about way asked if he had the gonads to stand up tho these people to make Britain the proud nation it once was?

Or something like that … I wonder what he will respond with and how?

Some screen shots of me asking …

Milliband Question Milliband Question 2 Milliband Question 3


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