Jeremy Clarkson…threw a fit while drunk.

What the hell is wrong with the me media?

I simply cannot believe the absolute rubbish and the amount if time they have spent in this rubbish in the media. This is despite the fact that many celebrities have said the same as me on the subject too including a former Stig and further back than even him previous previous presenters of Top Gear and one current one in James May!

Yet the tirade from the media has not only continued on but has actually now eclipsed the tirade that this tirade is…about…I mean the tirade that went…before…the…oh you get the idea, lol!

It is simply unbelievable and digging up a few witnesses to say how rude he was is really, really pathetic. For feck sake, he was drunk. How many people do you know that don’t do something stupid and embarrassing white drunk? Well…I never have but that’s beside the point.

However just last night there was a documentary about Jimmy Saville which curiosity had me and a friend thinking a particular fact in all this to do with the Royal family would be revealed and the very first scene had me convinced this would finally come to light. But, no and I bet my mate thought the same thing?! That was when the first but of film they showed of Jimmy Saville involved one circulating the internet that included Prince Charles patting him on the back.

But the point I wanted to make was how someone was told about the cancellation of the Newsnight program that investigated Jimmy Saville and the BBC which many people, some within the BBC were unhappy about and the circumstances were claimed as… suspicious at the time. He collected ask the evidence that one to a cover up and one happy with his findings he then sent what he has to each if the major national tabloids in turn. Yet not one of them decided to run the story?!

Hmm now did this sound familiar?

This was a man whose career was within these industries and he got ignored!

If you did not realise what I was referring to, two sentences back well if you look back in the archives to beginning I sent sets of FOUR DVDs off to ask the tabloids of all the evidence I had to until that point. I did not get so much of a thank you. Let alone asked questions of my involvements and endeavours?!

The same applies to the five TV news networks!

So if that is not suspicious, embarrassing or shocking enough I kind of half expected it if truth be told and so I would highlight everything that is wrong with the news media by continuing my endeavors and posting my findings and evidence I acquire online!

Not only have I done this for nearly three years but have one email from an MP from January 2013 asking if they can send my findings to the news media and use in the House of Commons. Even prior to this request people started to notice old post subjects appearing in tabloids and on TV. After that date this increased in frequency!

I did this to highlight the fact that the news groups had all been living in glass houses for years and I hate this more than anything else! The corporations in the industries that do after someone’s lives to destroy them for headlines, be they true or not, are no better and possibly even worse than this they destroy?!

What I did, in effect, from day one is just feed out rope laced with lures, think fishing lures, and just let them bite, bite and bite again. I was never going to be happy with one, two or three things whatever it was I was after. Nope, I wanted an absolute mountain in each area I was working and/or involved in. Beyond incontrovertible. I wanted only the most naive and the least…educated along with the most immoral to actually ignore this blog and my evidence.

Hopefully that number would be a small one. Or at least a small percentage of the British people.

If not there are a lot of immoral people and liars about…especially on television! Lol!

I am remembering now something that was texted in to the Daily Star that said that Jeremy Clarkson throws a drunken fit and rages at a BBC producer and their is immediate suspension pending an investigation and yet a humongous paedophile ring for decades covered up by prior within the BBC and the vast majority have gotten away with it and no one has done anything about that nor is this covered in the news at all.

Same could be applied to the Rotherham Council fiasco.

Let’s be honest about this shall we? Let’s put our cards on the table her here for all to see!

It’s a fuck up cover up and either no one seems to notice or no one…or not…enough people seem to care?! Bad show whatever the reasons but on the face of it it’s clear that something is dreadfully wrong with the news media that dwarfs the previous and recent inquiries. Very wrong indeed. In a whole long list of ways too!

I have known this, or strongly suspected if you prefer, for quite some time now. It was always going to be tricky to think of a way to highlight this and simply could bit t be done without this blog and the internet and a clever trap set for them. So I sent them a shed load of stuff… quite fortunately was asked by an MP if they could send the media my stuff and continued on with this blog and my evidence gathering.

If I was right then I would be initially ignored then continually ignored while my data sent and data posted would be cherry picked to be used… or stolen while some very big subjects also ignored.

Of course the beautiful part of all this was that the most frustrating thing about it all, the inordinate amount of time taken in each, would provide me with plenty of time to twist and turn about while running up better or further plans to use against them all. It had been two years and seven months since I started blogging and even longer, by possibly another year, since I contacted everyone in the media. Well the recorded delivery slips are all in here and would be dated… of course!

Over the coming months these things will become much more obvious to all that come here and discover for themselves.

Best of all is that I did all this without asking or expecting anything and without any financial gain whatsoever. With no help and barely any money combined with the horrid condition of Fibromyalgia it’s dozens upon dozens of symptoms which involve a dozen painful areas and short term memory loss. A hiatus hernia causing dreadful heartburn, oesophagitis causing involuntary vomiting, a painful from from hernia repair and a buggered right knee. Much of which the establishment lied about and falsified test results on. Hmm if you are asking yourself ‘what?’ then I would say ‘you have been paying attention? You have listened to enough of the evidence?’.

There is a mountain of evidence in here but you would only need to listen to two or three to see exactly how they all tend to go. Admitting the falsifying results of ultrasound scan on groin. Lying about drugs of Amitriptyline and Pregabalin being the same drugs and all just pain killers. Telling me there are no Fibromyalgia specialists in NHS. Diagnosing right knee for the second time in five years then retracting that diagnosis across two different hospitals. Before I successfully diagnose myself I am given the totally unrelated drugs of Gabapentin then Amitriptyline, the latter caused argument as I wanted Pregabalin, which not only both worked but we’re given consecutively and the only drugs the ever worked on my condition and listed as the only two drugs that work on Fibromyalgia according to Black’s Medical Dictionary?! A neurologist who admits recognising me in another part of the hospital prior to an appointment desire never having met previously, EVER, and never having a photo taken off me by anyone within the NHS…not while awake at any rate.

You missed all those recordings?! Lol!

That was only the NHS and not all of them and there are more…well I do have memory issue you know?! Lol!

Yes well you can add the Police to the list, for local councils, DWP, Atos and several other public service to that list and all the ombudsman associated to each.

There are also other departments within government extremely high up and of a fantastical and fantasy sounding…nature. These two have not had anything mentioned on them since the start on this blog. Because I waited for that particular ‘thing’ to be over before I stated the blog. Which was linked to the London Olympics ending as that event was…involved…indirectly…sort of, lol!

This particular event will be making a return to the limelight, or target focus of this blog and for the first time ever in the coming weeks.

Let’s just say that this return to my focus and publishing it on here will put absolutely everything I have ever done into high focus, rubber stamp everything I have ever stated or alluded to and leave no doubt left in anyone’s mind the lengths I was not just willing to go to but did to achieve that which I so desired.

In the meantime while that long ignored piece of truly riveting piece of news waits in the wings to view through your heads like an F5 tornado we can ask gawp at a drunk gentleman throwing a wobbly over some cold food.

Jesus H. Christ!


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