Hmm this was a strange report by the BBC?

An American army chief states that the financial situation and defence cuts, umm wait… its been getting better for a full five years, is worrying and that the UK’s various units will have to work ‘within’ the ranks of America’s army?! Saaayyyy whaaaat?!

Now if this is not an admission that America see themselves as the rulers of the UK then I don’t know what is?! Don’t worry though as I am not as I am sure that more cock-sure Americans will be stupid and open the gates even further over the next twelve months?

Sorry but I find this both strange and worrying. Yes it’s been worrying for awhile for me it’s true and should bit be strange because the more people know or even assume about certain facts the far more likely it is that someone will either not think or be far too sure of themselves and open the gates, so to speak.

I will be very interested to hear and read more… thoughts by Americans along these lines. Very interested indeed.

UK defence spending ‘concerns’ US Army chief Raymond Odierno –


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