No I am not talking about the Tories or the Labour Party or any other politicians speeling out trash to the people like we are all brain dead, stupid and easily led. No…I feel dreadful, really dreadful.

My skin feels warm to the tough of my hand and I am feeling really nauseous and sick. It has been like this for several hours and I keep wondering whether it might be my blood pressure of the blood pressure pills of Ramipril and/or Alodopine.

Everytime I think about considering calling the ‘111’ NHS line all I think is ‘what’s the point they will just tell you to get on a bus and go to hospital’.

Eww this is something else, it really is. I wondered if it might be that I have not eaten so I had some pineapples in juice just to see if this has any effect. Did that a few minutes ago and nothing as yet.

It is like when you have had too much alcohol and suddenly you want to lie down because anything else just makes the nauseating feeling and wanting to be sick even worse. Oh yeah I have that wanting to be sick feeling but not my ususal one as this has the feeling of sickness. The Oesophagitis vomiting does not.

I was intending to leave the house and go to Sainsburys as I needed to for I am out of something no one can do without, lol. I have not made it to the clothes, let alone the street door!

I am going to have to read those leaflets on the blood pressure pills and see what it says but this is just how I always imagined being poisoned would feel like. Maybe I have poisoned myself again but this is ridiculous now as this has now happened three times in the last couple of months!

I know that my last two blood presure readings were 168 and then 157 and I have now checked these out. I am sure my previous one was a little higher than 168 and possibly above 180? The Doc said that it should be below 120 and I know they give 115 as being ideal. Above certain numbers and I think these were 140 and 160 the high blood pressure becomes Hypertension stage 1 and then 2. The next number up is stated as being a medical emergency, not sure if it was 180 or 190 now, cannot recall.

I also seem to recall them mentioning about being aware of ever feeling nauseous I think it was…they might have used the words ‘dizzy’ and ‘faint’? So not making a call I am wondering if I am making a mistake and as I cannot remember not sure if I am ignoring warnings given to me?

What a pain in the effing arse! Well actually that bit is over, thank God. But I was given a load of creams and things to use for that problem. Marvellous.

This sucks and I damn well hope that this is just a freak coincidence and that the ill feelings and frequency of things playing up lately are not what is to be expected and become the norm! No, no, no! No one could ever be able to cope with this…it is no way to live!


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