Oh dear. Of dear, oh dear, oh dear.

It is a shame really what is happening in Russia in recent times. Always wanted to visit and always found Russians to be nice people. Would not want to visit while Putin is still president I can tell you!

Ex deputy prime minister, I think he was, Boris Nemtov has been shot dead according to the BBC report in the link below. Worse and weirder still is the fact that he had previously stated that he thought President Putin was, or is, going to have him killed?!

I think this will price to be President Putin’s biggest and final mistake.

The trouble with Putin, and not the only one, is that he was an old school Russian and weirder still part of the KGB old school. These are made up of people against the rest of the world through genuine and outdated fears or those that want to just conquer the world!

That latter remark might sound off or even far fetched but I will never forget a Russian woman tell me something years ago when I asked if she learnt her exceptional use of English in school. “Oh no… they did not teach you foreign languages when I was at school… it was not allowed” when I asked why foreign languages were not allowed she then surprised me by saying “because we were taught that eventually, one day the while world would be speaking Russian”?! Oooh!

So I learnt a lot from the few Russians I had as friends as well as those I met briefly online over the years.

That sounds like an era in Russian history that Putin grew up with, for educated and trained in and belonged to that latter type of works domination dreaming Russians. Oops. This is what I have always thought of him.

I find it odd that people on a rise in power want to protect their beliefs by telling their pepper they want to protect them and then start milling their own when they do not agree with their views.

So, yes Putin… the way to protect mother Russia is to bully other countries, ignite what your people want by rigging the elections and then start shooting the ones that tell others why they don’t agree with you? Twat!

Now before I get into what I think will happen now I want to state that whenever foreign countries have sided with Russia over some spat, like at the UN over the middle East, they side with someone who refused to reach there inferior language because they would become their rulers eventually. Hi….larious!

The fact that such a high profile face could be killed like this is…worrying. In more ways than one. It is not going to send out a good message to the Russian people… not at all. Expert for the amoral ones with similar beliefs of dictatorship rule. The Russian people I am willing to bet are not going to take this lightly nor lying down. What worries me is that they might. Which will give out the won’t message to the rest of the world which I now realise could be one of two won’t messages.

I am not sure how they could possibly think anyone else would have Boris killed as President Putin was the only candidate on a short list of one as possible enemies. Not sure he thought this through?

Of late I have been hearing reports of President Putin being a bit bonkers, being a Vodka drinking drunk and wide beater and obsessed with being assassinated?! Well yes Vladimir…I can see that now, after all you have run Russia so well that groups or hired murderers can just drive up and fun you down in the centre of Moscow! Better get the tasters ready to try your food to see if it contains arsenic … or Polonium?! Lol!

I think there is going to be a load of problems in Russia and the funny thing is that if I’m wrong then a load of problems over the fact that there was not with the rest of the world. I mean I think many would ask if the majority of the Russian public were OK with the way things are run? Is the majority of the Russian people similar to President Putin?

I don’t think that they are.

But then I have to remind myself that the problem with America is many are over zealous bible thumpers that want to strongly force their beliefs on others. Yeah well there are many types in the world like that and look how each one turns out? In fact you would think that these types of idiots might realise that throughout human history this has never worked out well?! Maybe they just think they are so much smarter than everyone else that failed or are… special?! Lol!


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