There are things in pipelines. Plural.

I have a had a strong feeling about 2015 being quite something in the way of revelations and that many were coming.

I also felt that much was going to change with me and with many of my blogs.

Stated thinking this in December 2014.

Many things already happened and most earlier than I expected. A few things presented themselves to me. What turned out to be fairly big then looked bloody huge but then… err shrunk a little.

Still, what turned out to be one thing turned into several…after shrinking back down from a dozen or more.

For a time I thought I had found a path I had been searching fur years to end everything in one fell swoop?!

Still, these things in their own pipelines may lead to the bodies I seek to put an abrupt end to the remaining battles?

Rest assured that it not only has a high potential to end done if the biggest revelations asking with the most fantastical sounding but it is highly likely to. Make no mistake on that!

The other enemies I made have got a stay of execution. How long for I do not know but I believe it will happen in 2015 nonetheless. It rather depends on what I get told next whether this be sooner or later.

But despite not publishing the details of what I speak of right now I will in about two months time. Just in time for what I publish to… sink in. So around mid April I will post a few things up but which could turn into a mountain by then?

I will also add that I have a health problem… AGAIN?! I visited my GP and I got told to stay for awhile and a double appointment ended up a triple appointment! I had high levels of cholesterol again and blood pressure weeks back now which I posted about at the time. Well there have been some… developments.

I was prescribed Ramipril and Astrostatin…or whatever the later is called. First I was on 2.5 mg of Ramipril and then put up to 5mg of the drug and assumed this had sorted out everything. Except at the end if my appointment I was told to look at a particular notice board for a support group and take my blood pressure on their machine. A very nice young lady and extremely attractive came up to me while I writing down details and handed me a sheet of paper with the details on?! I told them they need to stop because they are far too professional and putting all other GPs to shame! She laughed. I then knocked on my GPs door and handed him the blood pressure results. He took one look and came out of his surgery closing the door behind him. Looking serious he said I had to do it again but had to sit down in the waiting room for ten minutes relaxing and taking deep breaths?! Great! I did as he requested and knocked on the door again with the results and there was a pause as he finished off with the patient that was there. He came out and took one look at the results and said I had better come back into his surgery. Some ‘uming’ sounds were made as he contemplated what to do about it. He asked me and I said I trusted his judgement and he said I needed more drugs as my blood pressure was way too high. Oh God damn it I have to go get the box from downstairs now!

Amlodipine 5mg.


Hmm I wonder if poisons can raise your blood pressure? I have been feeling dreadful of late and it’s one thing after another. A long period or raised blood pressure would cause something looking like…. well natural causes with heart failure or heart attack or kidney failure. Those are just the ones I am aware of right now. Dying of one of these would not raise much suspicion. Maybe I have Poloniitis?! Lol. Sorry I just made that up as I thought it would be funny?! Lol!

I have to pop back early next week and this time I think I will check my own blood pressure while I am there as I would have been taking this new blood pressure pill for 5 or 6 days and I am interested to know if my blood pressure has changed?

I recently had not one barrage of tests as long as your arm but two! They found nothing but not only I but my GP one there was… something.

My uncle and my father both died in their mid fifties but knew nothing of the possibility we had Fibromyalgia and as far as exercising was concerned, never happened and my father’s diet at least was the worst imaginable and I always told him it would be the end of him!

My diet does not come close to that if my father’s and for many periods was on a different planet as I had a strict diet of meat and vegetables only and no potatoes in any form and no bread. This worked brilliantly for me and my conditions but came to a halt five years ago when I lost my disability money. Progressive ailments like Fibromyalgia do not help either as most evenings I am very stiff and in pain and many bodily contortions are painful too. In a tiny house that’s far too small and everything you do is contortions. Lips and hips?! You must be joking?! I am active… mainly because I hate sitting around and loathe boredom as things get depressing very quickly.

I also cycle. A lot, and though this slows down and stops in the winter I have been out for several hours at a time several times in the last couple of weeks.

As I stated previously I stopped smoking two years ago and my diet has improved the last month too.

I have done everything in the last two years that would send my cholesterol hurting towards the ground as well as my blood pressure. But it’s heading in the complete opposite direction to that which it should be. I have done everything I have been told to do as well as take a pill but it’s still way too high!

A similar reading next week and I think some phone calls are going to get made? Good God I hope I don’t get carted off to hospital or worst still told to get on a bus?! That would be typical but I just remembered the bus stop to the hospital…err one of them is right outside the surgery.


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