Well I have covered many times in the past how a very large percentage of electronic items are used and refurbished.

This is outside white goods like kitchen appliances because I quite simply do not know.

However something tells me that I will find out the latter in 6 to 8 months and revisit the subject again in the coming weeks?

After awhile the pattern was so widespread that I realised this has to be common knowledge… except among the little people.

Funny because the rich don’t pay retail prices for the proper brand new items while the rest of us and the poor pay rip off prices and sometimes rip off interest charges for faulty and used gear! Madness.

So you should understand that after awhile I realised this has to be arranged. It was so widespread, so ignored by everyone and this at it so blasé that it simply had to be arranged. By someone, somewhere.

Then I managed to recall hearing the term ‘overseas trade deal’ and remembered that it involved governments. Normally at a swanky do overseas.

Here is a trade deal in this link below that has Angela Merkel, Barack Obama and David Cameron in a picture. I cannot help but wonder if this photo was pre or post Merkel finding out the other two were spying on her and other German and European business people?

Huh, maybe we are held to ransom for buying their crap? Because of the things they have recorded? Lol.

Anyway I have covered this several times with the largest names in the UK bar one of two. This report on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership may well be the meeting whereby the public get unknowingly screwed for their hard earned cash for the next five years? Or something just like it.

It took me awhile before I realised that a method like this could be used to bring down the value of money without anyone knowing it. Your £500 wages are not actually worth that if your buying a Nikon DSLR Camera for £500 that is used and faulty and not worth half the fee paid.

Now that is just one simple description and imagine the inventive ideas and ways these idiots you voted for could come to with? Well they can’t, they song have the intelligence, lol! No the fuckers making the money so that while the MPs and government turn a blind eye or even lie due the cause.

Something tells me that the hourglass of time is fast running out on this particular con. Fast it might seem as their are already protests outside the events?!

Imagine what would happen to the number in the protests if a scrap of proof was to be leaked about these cons?

Oh but wait? Like everyone else I have mountains of evidence that includes recorded conversations with head offices right here on this blog?!


Now if looks could kill they probably will.

EU-US trade deal text leaked to BBC

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