Apparently they have someone to replace Atos?

Well once one corrupt organization realises the game is finally up and they are about to be all thrown on a line of swords they will naturally get fidgety. Atos did. Oddly they tried to get out of their contact but remained. A Conservative MP told me in person that ‘they’, the Conservatives, ‘fit rid of them’ which is bullshit as first off I have been causing them sleepless nights for several years and….well they remained.

The trouble with corrupt organisations is they cannot rely on each other nor trust each other and this is their ‘Achilles heel’. One of them.

The problem is their are always others waiting in the wings that see dollar signs in their eyes like Disney characters in a cartoon while at the same time think they are super smart and smarter than the last guy. The reality is very different. You would think these people… all of them would realise there are only a finite number of lies and tricks in the world? But no. There is always one or a collective group of blind, naive and more importantly greedy morons waiting in the wings.

Now I stated for a long time that Atos were just patsies so that the DWP can get out of being accused or sued over human rights issues.

After many years there is a changing of the guard and now there does enter into the fray one Maximus organisation. I hope for their sake that their name was not chosen because they hoped it would sound… intimidating sounding like a Roman Centurian’s first name?

Hell if they are then it would be hilarious and not only would they not last five minutes but at the same time prove that all the staff at the DWP and the bosses are guilty of corruption and published names will start being arrested and charged with crimes at some point?!

Of course it’s always the pawns and unimportant people to start with while the task culprits leap aboard their private jets or limousines fully kitted out with fridges full of Krystal Champagne and shuffling asking to the next organization.

You see the dickheads fail to see that when the staff go through a number of major changes and the pattern remains then those that remain are the common and only remaining factor, oops!

Also and this will be all that I say right now but everyone fails to see what is to occur during this year of 2015.

I assure you that when they all do it will change everything. Their levels of fear, their attitudes and everyone that has ever been in these pages previously or in the future.

I can also assure you that the details will become clear over the next 3 to 4 months and rather strangely around the time of the General Election?! Honestly…I don’t plan these things…mostly, lol.

Some things present themselves out of the blue and the processes of many things take a period of time that the only fact of which I am aware of is it being a bloody long time! What should take a few days to a couple of weeks could take a few months and often over a year, sometimes two.

Of course there is one that is heading towards a whole three years with the biggest name in the world behind it running out of both time and excuses. Well that ran out long ago for me but with the public… and I mean globally the glass still contains sands. This will be published online shortly but not necessarily here, lol!

I have stated it to my enemies over and over again and I have stared it on here over and over again …

You need to watch both my hands!

A sudden direct attack on you and revealing details to make you cave in may not be all it appears.

This is certainly true of several events in the past and nothing could be more true if right now with current events. That includes my postings. Well it naturally would do, would it not? This is after all a very, very public place.

There are also a couple of other things that have been in the pipeline for several weeks and several more that will be set off in the next couple of weeks.

I need to send off letters of warnings and ultimatums, without the reason behind them, to the last of those that attacked me. I know I have sent them to the NHS, who are denying knowledge of previous complaints the morons, and the London Borough of Waltham Forest and bailiff outfit, JBW Group.

It will be the year of coming to a head.

As always and quite deliberately the clues are scattered about staring them, umm and you, in their faces. Quite literally and like others will look hilariously obvious when the curtain is raised.

Now being made aware of this will have them worrying.

Finding out the details about them will have them freeze and heavily poop their pants in living fear.

I am going to through a month… out there add to when this week cone to light… in part. April! Possibly May?

Old father time is tapping his fingers!

Work capability assessments: One million disability checks planned –


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