I have had an issue for several days that become somewhat complicated yesterday morning and in a shocking way.

I was bleeding. A lot. In an awkward place.

It was one of those rare occasions when you wonder if it is going to stop. So I called ‘111’.

Now I must point out a couple of things. I currently feel very dizzy so I am swearing my head off at Google because I really do not want to deal with their shitty Android bit coping with simple English text and keyboard that 5 year olds could do a better job of coding.

Err the second thing. I forgot… still bleeding maybe? Oh I remember… I don’t panic easily and have not since this started.

When I explained to the lady in the phone after ringing ‘111’ she stated I have to be in hospital within the hour?! Great! Then I got a bit of a shock when the last mentioned about getting to hospital. She mentioned a bus. I said in both a sarcastic and a humorous tone “Lady, if you think that I’m walking for the best part of a mile and then waiting for a bus when I cannot stand without pain not sit down and then riding on a bus for half an hour then walking the last 500 yards to sit in a waiting room with many others?! Your dreaming… it’s just never going to happen!”

Now she ended up stating that someone else would have to speak to me and I was out on hold. Another lady who sounded more competent also sounded concerned at what I explained and said that if the bleeding was still happening after an hour I should be in hospital in 6 hours.

Now looking to see if I was still bleeding after an hour would be tricky but I did the best I could and I appeared to be OK.

I wanted to go out so I did but when I got home I discovered that I was still bleeding and that the blood had passed through some thick cotton wool padding and into some denim so that it showed. Now that was a surprise.

I thought a nights sleep would help and the bleeding would likely stop but I was still bleeding this morning and again tonight.

I have tried very hard to find anything I can on the Internet but once again the nets full of idiots wanting web pages on subjects and claiming to be medical experts but the data is incomplete. I have waded through dozens and dozens of pages but not one of them mentions anything about bleeding this heavily through a …. well a bursting. Effing typical.

So right now I’m not sure what to do and have been telling myself that the bleeding returns due to a… natural bodily function that cannot be stopped. Tearing the vein open until it heals in a way it cannot be torn open again?

Typical that I have been feeling dizzy to the point of feeling like I am going to be sick too?!

I cannot emphasize enough that this is something that no one wants to go to hospital for and any operation needed would definitely warrant a general anaesthetic. No local anaesthetic in any way shape or form! No way, no how!

You also do not want to be anywhere near a single person if this bleeding… got out of hand and very heavy while out.

Any of the two paragraphs above involve you dying… of embarrassment and you can forget about the other dangers.

So the point of this blog is two fold and first off it is to show just how badly the ambulance service is and the NHS bosses willing to go even further in every more inventive ways to save money while costing lives.

After all even I was surprised to be told twice to go to hospital and I only phoned because I wanted to know how long it would take for the bleeding to stop. That’s it and that’s all.

Secondly I am not entirely sure what will happen in the not too distant future. So just in case some bizarre set of events occur where I bleed to death I want it logged on here what was occurring.

I simply do not trust anyone or anything and in the event if my own demise… disappearance after revealing this would let everyone know what occurred. Our rather what did not occur!

Dying while being frustrated with Google’s amateurish operating system… my good God they would be funny. Well to me. Well maybe a few years after my death, lol!

My word what a miserable week it has been, lol.

As for clues to make the NHS, who claim they know nothing about my complaint so am going to send them their own letters, look extremely bad over their ambulances ..

A few keywords..

Vein. Rectum. Haemorrhoid. Black. Red. Lumps. Burst.

Now think again that they want someone with several bilateral foot pains, a buggered knee and the keywords above to walk a mile, stand at a bus stop, ride a bus for twenty minutes plus and another 500 yards.

Really?! Lol!

Nearly 48 hours now and I have not arrived at the hospital. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to why?



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