I find the statements released in recent times regarding cannabis as… head scratchingly hilarious. Confusing while funny.

This BBC report I found tonight was sobering of a surprise.

After the recent reports starting that cannabis causes psychosis and I said rubbish I now read this report and raise they were playing both loose and fast with the truth.

I have stated for many more years than this blog has been live that I believed… no I was convinced that it causes problems in people that already have problems. If there is an underlying mental issue or even perhaps a family history of things then your at a high risk from smoking cannabis. However I can’t tell you how high that risk is. Because it may only be specific illnesses and may need certain doses but because cannabis was just totally ignored because of sometimes agenda we… basically don’t know.

This report now states this in detail and even separates the two chemicals within cannabis and discovers some surprising things about the stuff. Some of it  surprisingly good especially if you suffer from epilepsy. I know someone I would wager won’t like hearing this but more about that another time.

It now turns out… allegedly that the THC that everyone talks about can cause the problems with psychosis and memory issues…noo my memory has no connection whatsoever with me using cannabis in the past as that was… bloody ages ago and I was not a big smoker of it anyway. It had fantastic affects on my Fibromyalgia and then many years later on discovering my Fibromyalgia then discovered it had good effects from cannabis. I told several Doctors this too and still Fibromyalgia was never, ever mentioned as a possibility.

It also turns out that the other chemical, the one that sounds more like the chemical that gets you high, CBD, cannabinidol, helps improve memory as well as slow down, stop and even prevent epilepsy?! Mad! In this report it turns out that parents of children with bad seizures have used something called Charlotte’s Web which contains the CBD drug to amazing results. Trials are now ongoing, probably not the UK because of the corrupt NHS and powers that have large broom handles sticking out their arises and still in the mud laid down in medieval times, lol!

So when they said in the initial report that your for times more likely, or whatever figure it was, they were saying three quarters of the public are bonkers?! Lmao!

If they were aware of the fact that preexisting mental issues were why the numbers raised they were very, very stupid to word their report the way they did. Well either they are the stupid news media that reworded it to suit headlines, lol.

Either way the facts I stick to still remain the case.

Epilepsy suffered everywhere will have raised an eyebrow by now, then lowered, then raised it again, then lowered it before their legs and arms follow and the fall to the floor having another seizure.

Joking apart it’s not nice to have. Though I have met many that have got used to them I don’t know how. I had one many years ago, oddly aster getting stoned and everyone, including Doctors, blamed the cannabis.

Now what am I supposed to think? Lol!

I stopped taking Amitriptyline five days ago and went to my town to get a passport photo and a passport application form. Been trying to do that for two weeks. Got to a friend’s place for a cup of tea and showed him the odd bits I bought from Maplin, key ring scissors, blank DVDs, pouch for headphones. Sat down and said “Oh fuck!! Remember I said when I left here earlier that I needed something in the town? Well I just remembered what it is… passport photo and application form!”

He finally realized what a problem my memory is and looked shocked and asked if I was joking!

Son of a bitch!

Cannabis: Promise, risk and controversy –

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