Heard about this and the reaction of the Police to a man getting out of prison after 48 years despite only getting 30 years?

Not meaning any offence to the families of the three Police Officers this guy and a friend killed but the law is the law.

The Police like so many others seen to think that they are bound to a different set of rules to everyone else that we are all clueless about.

This story emerging in the wake of a man who may only spend ten months in prison for killing his girlfriend really does put their attitude into perspective.

Either you have periods of imprisonment or you don’t. Me personally I would bring back capital punishment. Only in the most extreme and cut and dry cases. It works act as a greater deterrent, get rid of some shit taking up valuable oxygen… umm you can make a case for being eco-friendly or reducing the carbon footprint but your on your own there, Lol.

Capital punishment would vastly save money too! More prison space for lesser crimes, all that money on food saved too. Psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, Doctors and parole officers.

What?! Lol, week they don’t mind giving disabled people and jobless people a good kicking. Unless your Oscar Pestorius of course?!

This attitude gives out the…. right message as far as I’m concerned as it shows is that the attitudes are wrong. Sorry but by raising the value and importance of one life your lowering the value of others.

If you have a car to do this at all you do this based on someone’s actions based on morality. Not career, power or money like we are back living among the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.

Police killer Roberts to be freed http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-29734816


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