Ahh, kept forgetting about this one.

Fascinating and completely ground breaking that a man paralysed has had the feel then use is his legs returned to him.

This is the kinds of things I have been waiting to appear from stem cell research.

Now understanding exactly what it is that ails me and reports like this have a much greater significance!

Using stem cells to repair the nervous system is what was achieved here and it’s the central nervous system, that likely gets kinked in physical trauma akin to varicose veins, that is the problem with Fibromyalgia.

The very thought that it’s entirely possible that is they locate the effect are even just localised area of damage that this could be repaired?!

This thought is one that fills me with hope desire the fact it’s come, if it comes at all, a bit late in my own life, Lol.

Man walks again after transplant


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