Now that would be funny? That professionals miss anything and everything unless it’s too so with their salaries! Lol.

I thought the title would be appropriate as the report below is regarding Doctors missing signs for lung cancer.

Missing? Will I suppose it’s entirely possible and yes in my own experiences, along with lots of secretly recorded audio, they lie, cheat and avoid but… lung cancer? Not avoidable.

I stated before they will not lie over things that are obvious. Obscure or difficult to disgust conditions then yes.

However! I have for a very long time now wondered whether or not the lying on command would become so rife that certain.. things would start to occur.

One that over confidence would occur and true colours shown and eventually recorded by patients.

That time would start to work in my favour exponentially. That it became obvious that there were omissions within the media.

All things need addressing at the same time and simultaneously. Like curing a disease or operating on cancer you need to make sure you get all cancer cells or all of the virus. Otherwise the infectious rot will once again return and spread and we end up back where we started.

The phases mostly worked through, the signs have all been read and the obvious facts are now being rendered unavoidably clear to even those in the deepest denial.

I always think that at the end of the day all the shit and bullshit and lame excuses to allow those to remain warm and fuzzy have to be cast aside. Time to wake up, grow up, face facts and take responsibility for the denial. Because it had continued to go on for some time and it won’t stop until it’s been stopped.

When I decided a couple of decades ago that I had to and dearly wanted to put a stop to it I had no bloody idea how Is going to do this. Even with the necessary equipment back then I thought the illegal actions and oath breaking was at a minimum. A bare minimum and would never get them to trip up, let alone actually admit to anything.

A couple of decades later it becomes so easy and obvious that I am annoyed I did not do it years ago.

But despite this I cannot help but think that right at this very moment it is the best time to do this? A couple of decades of my life had been down the swany but at least many are more open to the fact that there is a rot in society?

Hmm sometimes takes me awhile to remember things I need to do to!

First off I was told by someone at the DWP two weeks ago that I would get a letter in the post in a couple of weeks time whether they find any health records for me or not. Well I think it was two weeks ago? Lol. Well it is all on here and time and date stamped, something else the patronising, holier than thou morons did not think of?!

Also I have remembered that due to the announcement and apologies over missing documents I then contacted the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman and the Independent Case Examiners regarding this!

These are very serious breaches for both the NHS and the DWP/Atos. Someone I know that likes making excuses and stating that this is down to a sinking case of incompetence still does not get it. Three separate organisations that have all lost my medical documentation?! Yeah right! Not possible unless quite deliberate. I have a Police report that states they do not know who a Policeman is despite having his Police number. Yup IPCC involved there to if you have not seen it, do not worry it will be revisited and collected together very soon.

Also remember my last GP stated there was nothing odd about not getting my records after 7 months!

Yes I have to once again contact a number of organisations that take your taxes while doing fuck all for it and cannot even answer a simple correspondence. Only now they have been given details about a serious breach that none of them can escape from. Patient and Liaison Service, Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman and the Independent Case Examiners. The former two regarding the NHS while the latter is to do with the Department of Work and Pensions. No doubt they still stick to my original guess of a single correspondence being easy to deny? Yeah except when it has a digital trace you half-wits! Still I never allow them any wiggle room and will send off a second wave tomorrow!

Notice how I have contacted three at the same time and yet the result is the same? No reply after a couple of weeks? Well up until this post that is! Lol.

Sooo…yeah, missing? Most likely in this instance but more probable that or is a small fraction over all?

GPs missing signs for lung cancer


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