I see dopey is at it again?

Now I thought about this and I wonder to what he is thinking?

First off…I do not really have too much of a problem with this…

Provided that they stick to the laws and I do not only mean international but their own! Also this is all bullshit anyway because they are already doing this and in a totally illegal, unfair, unjust and highly dangerous way.

How do I know this to be true, you might be asking?

Because my daughter was forced to do a full time job in Pound Stretchers for her 50 odd quid. Oddly I mentioned this recently and out cone the Owls to hoot, hoot, hoot away about a subject I’m wrapped in exposing.

Oh and expose I will!

I did day extremely dangerous… above? Well that bit is lying in wait and I’m trying to think of a way of preventing it before it happens. I have previously sent dozens of emails off about this and will now have to send letters. But I can’t reveal why it’s dangerous… but trust me it is. I don’t have permission to reveal the dangerous part of it and would probably be unwise right now.

However and like everything else this year of 2015 is going to have one hell of a bloody long list of reveals. Bloody long because there will likely be two long lists, one regarding my endeavours hitting a crescendo akin to Guy Fawkes Night. The other list to do with everything else in the UK. Hmm I just thought of a third list?!

List three would be to do with fruits of the labours of love that is this blog making themselves clear and obvious to all. Wink-wink.

Once again the government of complete idiots day a number of things idiotic and head scratchingly stupid. Some were obvious and ceased upon but only good in a political mud slinging way. Or do they think but nothing more than a bit embarrassing, to George Osborne. Sorry but you should wait until the mud has stones in it before slinging it.

However making people work for less than £2.00 per hour which works out worse because they inevitably have to spend more of their benefits to work.

Unless of course it’s one day a week! That would be a reasonable amount of work for £50. Considering some people, like solicitors of which I have only ‘come across’ one that has any intelligence along with compassion out of 200 plus.

Almost all of these have been incompetent idiots with delusions of grandeur who refused to offer their services because, and I quote “there is like chance of winning”.

What was this in regards to and the solicitor? Oh regarding the fight against the DWP over my DLA and Fibromyalgia along with the NHS too! Something Barr was the name of them and the absolute doozey in this one is that they specialised in cases of Fibromyalgia!!

Yes I kid you not and if you wondering what’s surprising about this…well you obviously have not had time to check out my blog because I beat the DWP into submission in part and an battening down the hatches while going for the jugular of the NHS.

Single handedly I might add and this entire blog had been created over several years to publish audio recordings of Doctor after Doctor, GP Surgery after GP Surgery and lastly hospital after hospital lying and falsifying test results.

Did you miss that bit too? Lol. Will that bit is actually a while long list of bits and a while long list of recordings. Just on the NHS alone. Seven years I have been working hard on this and that is only from when I decided to dig down and use audio recording devices. Some I already owned and others purchased asking the way.

That seven plus years also included everyone else. One slight whiff that the British Public eye being screwed, lied to, manipulated and even used to do the hard work then claiming and taking the rewards for it and I was like the proverbial rash.

As for the being used to two the rewards for others hard work… well that happened to me too y about the highest sections of agencies within government you can get. If you missed that one you might want to check that out. Though it’s a bit further back in the archives than most. Well I only post about the contact and audio stuff as and when it happened. If it finished prior to starting this blog then it’s all near the beginning.

On this subject this…involvement is the reason the blog was started when it was. Me being responsible and not causing concerns over a threat I was sure would be dealt with. Efficiently. I just never expected that they would lay claim to my endeavours and I would not be recognised nor acknowledged. Well except for the phone call 12 hours after I was to arrive within 500 yards of the target area and… VANISHED WITHOUT TRACE!

I was laying carpet when they phoned making out they needed to ask me questions on the only time they contacted me in what could have been a two year period. No, was a two year period.

Yeah well I did say it was more or less over by the time the blog started. Well yes… mostly. There is still one issue though and that is the fact that they have been found to be up to no good but mainly took my endeavours and claimed they did it when they were actually up to the stuff involving business and money they were later found out to be doing!

Yeeeaaah…I was never gong to let that one fly I’m afraid. I knew that like everything else I do that over time the opportunities to present my case with no doubt left would present itself. With many this happens fairly often over an admittedly long period of time. Unfortunately I cannot change that it’s the very nature of what I do and why I will always be the winner in the long run. In this subject it was an inordinate amount of time I was inevitably going to have to wait.

That moment arrived not that long ago and I even… sort of… posted about it on here. Lol.

Now hopefully this will bear much fruit in time and we will just have to wait and see.

As I stated from the start of this year… many things will be coming to a head this year as regards my battles with both central and local governments with all their idiosyncrasies in their different departments and agencies. Bar NONE!

Until I feel that the necessary changes have been made, punishments dished out to those guilty regardless of how many are “doing it” and a proper system that works which now can only happen based upon fairness. I do mean fairness!

If you, and by that I mean ‘they’ lol, have missed it any lecturing or preaching in public places with cameras and microphones within spitting distance that’s obviously wrong given a bit of thought and I will be ask over your arse! Like a damned rash!

This works and is a problem because more and more people see that I’m only trying to discover and expose the evil and lies, am totally honest about things and genuinely want to change things for the better for all. Well except those that don’t need nor deserve any help.

This was a painfully slow process to reach out and slowly allow people to figure this out on these pages for themselves.

Even my frustrations in time of anger or horror I would meander away whatever was on my mind at the time. To show exactly how things may look and appear and how people may react. Of course it had to be realised that they could react worse than I did. Far, far worse.

Your never going to improve things by banning what people say. Because they will only bottle it up. The number of people that bottle this up inevitably grows. The events and statements that cause this bottling becomes rife as the perpetrators then think they have carte-blanche to do what they want. So they do it more often.

That’s stupid. It was stupid from day one and remained stupid throughout.

It was and still is a powder keg waiting to explode.

Of you do something or force something upon people you have to think about the numbers. This is evil corruption 101 and they do not even do that! In fact stealth is not even within their vocabularies any longer. Also they are proving that which I have stated from day one and yet another big reason why they will lose and I will win. If you think being a liar, evil and corrupt is the way to do then as well as an ounce of common sense and maths you simply have to have a damned good memory. Even a team of advisors with tablets of everything you have ever stated previously!

But, no. Cack-handed and stupid was the order of the day which said a fucking great deal about what they thought of those that voted then in power.

The general election is mere months away… let’s see if the British people are going to view those idiots back in?

I am betting it will be something very different. This first has already happened elsewhere in Europe. Should not be that unusual then.

As far as those demanding money or whatever it is… sorry but like the banks you got out wrong. Take out on the chin and deal with it. Oh no, wait? The banks exist because most governments have them all the taxes in the coffers.

Ahh well the stupid public were too busy to watch the new, read the papers or plainly not interested in it because it’s ‘miserable’. Only have themselves to blame then? After all they did vote then in repeatedly?!

Only now and after several years the penny has finally dropped and has continued to drop.

Now they are paying much closer attention to their governments than they did previously. I am off course also speaking of the British people too.

All I hear in the media is Cameron and Milliband and did it bizarre that just recently there was a big thing about people stating they cannot imagine We’d Milliband being Prime Minister?! Blimey are the TV News networks actively promoting David Cameron?!

Funny how the media only involves the Tory Labour mud slinging each other unless they are combining forces to toss it towards Nigel Farage?!

Any new government needs to have the balls to call with the rich and powerful in the UK. Anything else will take on disaster and I wonder if the idiots behind the crap have even wondered who the angry mobs of tens of thousands… hmm hundreds of thousands would actually target?

Well I would suggest looking around online because when they want to take their fury out on the real culprits there are plenty of lists combined with evidence online.

So bloody naive and stupid and so easy to predict them orchestrating their own demise even from afar.

Morons. Lol.

Young should work for benefits – PM


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