Well this is part two about my great grandfather Reginald Kirlew.

Now I think I did a post about him recently but this is where my short term memory issues play up and they are right now. I remember uploading a film to my YouTube account regarding the book Test Pilots by Don Middleton but I do not remember if I actually posted about it?! Bah-humbug!

I have childhood memories of a great grandmother I used to visit who always had tins of Ambrosia Rice when we visitied. So much so that I cannot look at a tin of it today in the local supermarkets without thinking of those times. She only had two sons with one named Reginald Kirlew, after his dad, and one called John Kirlew. Oddly despite both of them being married, with Reginald twice and John stayed married a long time, there was only one child between them. My mother. Odds would be against that you would be forgiven for thinking.

Anyway as a young boy I did used to get to visit my, I called my great uncle John, who used to make the actual aircraft to be used with a remote control unit. I always remebered, well how could I forget, a Spitfire in his spare room in the process of being built on one occasion. During these childhood years I also got to hear about my great grandfather and how he was a test pilot for Rolls Royce and the RAF who died when one test flight went wrong. There was talk way back then if I recall correctly of him avoiding buildings and crashing into a tree. I also got to hear about how this aircraft was the Avro Manchester, which I had never heard of as a child, but my eyes would have grown wide at hearing that this then became the Avro Lancaster of World War 2 infamy. Sad upon hearing he had died, as I would have been fascinated to hear his stories…even now!I already had an obsession with aircraft and flying and wanted to be a pilot for as long as I can remember.

In fact I can now say that the reason for different blogs is that sometimes they link into each other and the most surprising ways and I becaome even more fascinated with computers when it was realised that they could immitate the flying of an aircraft as well as air combat! So my area of computing expertise neatly criss crosses my aircraft area as well as a history lesson of my ancestry to use as an example on my corruption blog!!

Now for those coming on here a very lng time now I did state from the get go that over time things would eventually all come together into one really big picture? Are we seeing that picture yet?! Also this is only achieved when your absolutely honest and open about everything. Including angry knee jerk reactions to news reports! Lol, wink-wink!

So then I managed to get that previously mentioned bookk on test pilots and film it and the page where my great grandfather is mentioned. However a visit to my mothers house recently and I was shown another one where he is mentioned a great deal more and I am most certain this is not the other book I was previously aware of?

What I loved about this new one is how both the main title and the subtitle of the book explains the bit I was always keen to prove and that being the link between the two aircraft, Avro Manchester: The Legend behind the Lancaster. Author Robert Kirby.



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