I always find these things rather funny…thats funny strange and not funny ha-ha.

What seems obvious to do after an inordinate amount of time still requires that the lay people, grrrr, have to go cap in hand to the masters of the universe to get done what is right.

When this request comes via a name that is known throughout the UK as something of a celebrity and rightly so and someone I hold in high regard then it seems even…stranger.

Then consider the things that have at first only been whispered about and now beginning to get the odd report about even in the BBC as to the goings on at the highest echelons of society and it seems even stranger.

But then so many people go wobbly at the knees, goo-goo eyed and all manner of other things when suddenly in the presence of these beings who are merely just like everyone else that it helps this most human and bizarre holds of such high esteem going for what seems like an eternity now.

The fact that societies have grown…OK some societies have grown…OK some sections of some societies have grown beyond the old, outdated and once core beliefs to render such institutions as needless seems to have zero effect other than the odd minor debate or quabble between opposing forces of the political spectrum.

Hark at me?! Opposing forces?! Lol! That ship sailed many moons ago!

Anyway Stephen Fry seems to be campaigning to get Alan Turing and others sentenced because of their sexual preferences a pardon. rather suprising that we still have to do these things in this day and age on the one hand surprises me and then on the other…I ask myself why I am surprised when I see all the other things that I do?

Here is the link for those that think he and others should be pardoned and wish to become involved in some way…


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