Hmm I stabbed out a title I don’t like! Lol!

Right now, this is going to be a two parter but should be a short two parter?

Since my involvement with GCHQ and MI5 ended… umm a couple of years back… well around the time of the Olympics in London in 2012. Blimey!! Nearly three years ago now?!

Ahem! Yes back on track… I was surprised to read this report regarding GCHQ actions being find unlawful by the Investigatory Powers Tribunal though I personally do not have a good record with tribunals. I had one once with the IRS who I realised half way home were corrupt, biased and thereafter being paid off by those I was appealing against.

An organization I was appealing against that have now admitted they are wrong, by the way, without actually saying it. They did not have to… their collapse, albeit a few months earlier than expected, and the associated correspondence is admittance and along with NHS recordings I made if several Doctors who then falsified health documents later completely burned by those they feed them to proof that I was correct all along.

I did not need to know that but I live in a country whereby for the last couple of decades your guilty until proven innocent and if your a Doctor or civil servant it matters not that your guilty as their is no punishment and no one at all to enforce it anyway!

*sharp intake of breath*!

Now that is it for now regarding this.. but I did say this was a two parter… now I just wonder… how many of you that read this… will guess why this is a two parter?!

I did state at the very start of all this that if you bid your time, keep on plugging away collecting stuff… keep shtum and your head down while mounting stuff up into an impressive pile you will do OK.

Oddly many thought I would only have an odd thing or two on them and what could it do, many not realising nor remembering what they said to me or in front of me. Oops. Another huge mistake was not thinking, even when being fecking told what I was doing, just how many like them I had already acquired stuff on including recordings and how this works look… collectively?!

And then best of all and better than ask of those of the fact that I have done everyone and still an and made no secret of it once out.

Out of all these superior beings, supreme intellects, people of higher calling or breeding but unable to explain to anyone why they are not one single one could at first be bothered, I knew this, and even when told of the size and entirety of how many I have covered failed to see how this would look collectively online?!

Dumb-arses or what?!

The most hilarious part of this is that I still do it… I am still plugging away because these most evil of people with a whole long list of self delusional visions that they think allows them attitudes that are strictly not allowed to be expressed to them, despite them expressing them, to Joe Public!

Yes us normal inbred folk of extremely low IQs and salaries are bit of the same league and so not of the same rules, laws and morals of these blessed higher beings? Lol.

Lmao! Sorry, I do so enjoy being extremely sarcastic to these moronic and delusional people. I often wonder where the point is reached that they become delusional. Or more accurately start to become delusional?

For me it’s the worst thing they can do because as well as finding it highly insulting, hence my anger lol, I see it add a weakness or the whites of their eyes, you could argue.

So you can have a little guess at what is coming in part two. Hmm yes there will probably be a part 3?!

GCHQ censured over sharing of internet surveillance data with US –


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