I love the media at times.

Here is a report I have not even read because I already am all too aware of the answer to the question that is in the title of the article.

‘Do the Police think they are above the law?’


Like the last post or its amazing how often the answer is obvious though on this occasion I think you could add a large and particular group to that, like the media groups and more specifically… the news media groups!

If you can tell bare faced lies then you think your above the law and if you continue to do this despite the fact you have, one, cameras on your chests and, two, a large majority of the public own smart phones and, three, have looked bloody God damn awful in the eyes of the public your tasked with protecting then you have a very, very really big problem!

The way people conduct themselves can tell you am awful lot about what has not actually been said. Work on this for a long enough length of time and your efforts can be rewarded with some surprising and alarming things. Often after dive a few times a very convincing picture starts to emerge. Throw in someone who had been successful at finding out the must intricate details and you have a constant fueling of your long held suspicions.


Do police believe they are above the law? –


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