For the love of God man, shut the fuck up!!

I cannot believe that with just a few months left of a five year stint that one again George Osborne states that bloody line I’m surprised had bit had him get hit from anything from an egg to a bullet!

“The recovery is on track”

Oh yeah? On track to where exactly? And at what speed? Because that seems to be something being questioned right now.

I was surprised to read two articles and one stating that the economy grew by 2.6% in 2015. Even bigger a surprise then this was that this was the highest annual growth amount since 2007?!

Err… sorry but I seriously doubt that enough that I would very money on it! I have often wondered if these little statements from these bodies are manufactured whether this be a sight exaggeration our a huge whipping whopping great lie?

In no time at all there was yet another article stating that the last quarter of last year, 2015, had seriously slowed. Umm…well… it was bad yeah but no different to the rest of the year from what I was hearing. Only a month or two ago the same idiots that reported this crap interviewed businesses owners who stated clearly that they are feed up with being told the economy is growing when 2015 had been their worst year since the financial crisis started?!

Isn’t it funny that for bloody years we have been feed these figures by people that speak using lingos that make them sound like they know what they are talking about but of late these… groups news releases are all over the place and even contradictory.

I personally find it bloody nauseating hearing that twat spout the same effing shit month after month.

Hmm no… actually thinking about it… no, Mr Osborne? Yes, sorry you keep on stating that, matey! You keep talking to the nation like they are made up of naive people and idiots and that’s who your trying to get to vote you back in? Personally I think the British public ate not as stupid add you make them sound when your talking about the economy.

In fact it will be extremely interesting to me of what is said in the few months after the general election. In fact this is true of whoever is voted into power because there are so many possible outcomes or reactions to the election.

If the Tories are voted out they tenure and the reasons why the list will be picked apart for weeks. I am sure David Cameron’s parrot will have his bones picked clean over his repetitive musings?

If the Tories are voted back in and they prove to those of us who are intelligent that the country is made up of naive and stupid people…well I fear for the reaction of those who voted for anyone else other than them!

Rest assured that if you listen to anyone else outside of the Tory Party and indeed even in America including their Donald Trump the prediction for the next couple of years is not good. Quite the opposite in fact according to Mr Trump.

Many I speak to feel what I do and that is that something is bubbling underneath the surface.

The general election for 2015 will be one that I personally think will be historical in so many ways and regardless of who gets in power. This may be evident in the first hours afterwards or the several months afterwards?

GDP figures: Recovery on track, says Osborne –


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