Right you Tory idiots, let’s get something cleared up shall we?

I have been hearing this ‘benefit cap’ term thrown around for the past few days. Are you fecking stupid?! Can you do simple arithmetic?!

Benefit capping? Seriously? After everything you have done your taking like this before a general election?!

Well all I can say is that you quite obviously are confident that you have fooled a great many native people into thinking that the trillions of pounds this country owes can be solved by a few billion that benefit scroungers take while wanting to sit on their arses?!

Because that is what human beings want to do. It’s human nature to just want to sit on your arse in your house day after day, week after week until the curtains of life are drawn closed?

Oh and of course benefit claimants are the reason that the largest amount that’s paid out which is housing benefit, yes it’s their fault that the house prices fit to ridiculous levels and therefore so did private rent prices.

Sorry but your idiots and shite at maths and obviously aiming your shit at others like you? That is those that are naive and can’t do maths because everyone else will know!

Of course this cap will force even note period out of cities and built to areas and this leads to even more stories about prior who cannot return to where they grew up! These areas will then in time become like others that many among the British public already complain about and are sick of. No go areas!

Hmm sounds familiar?

Oh and it does not encourage work you bloody moron. Jesus Christ man, what the feck do they teach at Eton?!

Election 2015: Benefit cap ‘encouraging work’ says PM – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-30998212


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