Here is a BBC report about a man who is an amputee victim who was refused Personal Independent Payments and an interview because he had a wheelchair?!

They said, and I quote here, that “he should have rid then about access issues on going to an assessment” which is to assess his disability?! Well fuck me, first off the clue is on what the assessment is fecking for and secondly I would have thought a wheelchair would have been obvious from the fecking firm he filled in when he out in the claim, you effing wasters of taxpayers money!

Don’t these wankers even care who knows that they are imbeciles, liars and the salaries paid to them out of the public purse?!

How do morons and idiots get jobs?! How do so many of them work as front line staff or higher for the public services?!

I will let you into a little secret…

I have for a very long time longed for a team of reporters or investigative journalists to work on this and create a documentary about it!

In fact I have a long list of documentaries I cannot wait to see on TV!

Disabled Hampshire man refused benefits assessment –


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