Now here is a BBC report and one of two I am covering that refer to things I have… well referred to previously, lol.

After 20 years of taking drugs like Oemeprazole and Lansoprazole, among others, it was only when 7 years ago when I started vomiting without any warning that I discovered Oesophageal cancer. It was only 3 or so years ago when the first Doctor commented on how long I had been taking these drugs and that I should not be doing so for so long. In case you wondered I did get sent for my second camera inspection after the vomiting started, or endoscopy as it’s formally known as. It showed nothing… or so they said and as I discovered to my horror several years later is that they do indeed lie and falsify test results even if it’s something…. deadly. How is that for a sobering thought?

Today they are talking about how heartburn can mean or lead to cancer.

Yet another one of my numerous subjects once again appearing in the news?!

Well… they do have a lot of catching to to do? No, wait? They have a lot of covering up to do because just as rise responsible for the big arrival have now finally realized… history can and will catch up to them and I have made absolutely certain of this.

Welllll….I say big arrival but in essence it is no more than tokenism in the attempt of doing one of two things….silencing or labelling? Unfortunately I have all the exits well and truly covered. This will become clear in 24 hours and I am posting a letter upon leaving the house to get on a bus… shortly. About an hour. So tonight should be OK to start uploading in preparation for that blog post.

The tokenism claim is easily described when the time comes and if an attempt at being bought… well, lol, I’m somewhat disappointed in the initial offer, so to speak.

Heartburn ‘possible cancer sign’ warning –


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