I am quite stunned presently.

Despite all that I have witnessed both personally and in the news has been shocking. Yet still I manage to be shocked.

Here is yet another case, will I presume I have boot covered this one, of both covering up and allowing evil things to go on. In the report below probably the most shocking is someone doing jail time and being reinstated as a teacher at the boarding school in Worcester. A school whereby a humongous amount of abuse was going on. Not just going on but carried on for a long time. It turns out that many of the first abusers are dead, well there is a surprise. But it also turns out that more people have come forward claiming to have been abused and one decade of investigation has had several more added to the point that abusers are likely to be alive?!


Is there nowhere in the UK where there had been a humongous can of worms by depraved, evil, idiotic morons that was bound to come out one day?!

It seems that the section of society that thinks itself a cut above the rest is rapidly proving that an ever growing number were anything but?!

I already an aware, though I cannot process it, of how high up it goes and who in government was involved. I was both surprised to see one on TV other morning talking about her beloved Tory Party as well as the studio having her there!

Umm…you are aware, TV News networks, that there is an investigation and endless claims of abuse, a paedophile ring in government at the time your guest was there and it’s mentioned enough online?!

Jesus Christ!!

Wonders never crease.

Approved school abuse probe widened http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-30931421


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