Now those…complete idiots that think themselves greater than everyone else on Earth and use swords because they can’t afford a gas supply are threatening newsagents now?!


How fucking small minded and pathetic can you get? They really are now pushing their weight around and showing their true colors and I believe now there is just going to be an increase in frequency in these sort of things and terror attacks in Europe.

Maybe America too?

There was what’s going to be a feeling in confidence based on ratios within a society. One other thing is the big TV covered events they love to target, as they were the London Olympics. Bit of curse there us a third one that those who actually think of everyone else as lower than dogs succumb to and price it is they that are litter than dogs?!

Now this would be signs of widespread weakness. Just like an animal no higher than a mere predator, like a dog or cat, they attack when they see weakness. As this involves murder I would put these things to them and then ask “Well does this sounds like an educated and a thinking intelligent peaceful species to you, or does it sounds like an animal?!” Lol!

The fact that they cannot see this and nor do that flying out there to be with the Islamic State not realise that it’s not ask wine and roses?! Like that girl with a child who went out there and then claimed to escape with her life while being shot at with a child?! She believed in the propaganda they stated? What bloody propaganda?! They have been reported on enough times killing other Arabs and Kurds for feck sakes!

My God I know I have flung about accusations about the media but there is no argument when they Yadezi people are taking you what they have done to them! Our maybe they think the BBC journalists ask carry guns and his it to their heads to day this stuff on TV?

Don’t be bloody naive, at worst your gonna get yourself killed and at best your going to look like a big bloody fool!

Now for those working out who and what I am… why would I warn you? Why would I tell you, help you to not be an idiot?!

Certain… types of people and other… groups of people will be running their hands together at the naivety of many Muslims and egging you on from their plush sofas…

“Yes, go on! This is what we want you to do, keep acting like that and piss off the working class Brits SSSI that eventually they will kick off and do the job we don’t have the gonads to do!”

I display anger at people’s actions and say a great deal of things, though what I say (which I have ever right to say) and what I think are two very different things. If you made assumptions… oooh. Not paying attention are you? Lol!

I believe there is something most sinister going on and I do not mean the Muslims who are waiting to take over Britain, oh no. I mean powerful people that know that the British public, almost everyone else who is not Muslim, week just form angry mobs and blood will spill. Well it will with the direction and actions you are taking, or not as the case may be.

Like a pressure cooker or kettle the lid eventually gives way to pressure. Pressure that build up continuously always wins in the end and a while bunch of morons who think they are clever and like to cause trouble and hate ate actually being manipulated!


Just keep on going… numb-nuts, do exactly what they want you to!

Threats to Charlie Hebdo newsagent


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