Sayy whaaat?!

Let me just get this right here?

The UK government is the most transparent in the world?!

Jesus, their supplier does some seriously good shit?!

Now I am not a band drummer… I simply tell it as it is and I have recorded a great deal and know a hell of a lot more. Sorry but that is bullshit. No I will not day that the UK government is the last transparent. Because it simply would not be true. Nor would I say that they are in the bottom ten… Hmm maybe they are but not bottom five, certainly not.

However, when I see reports like this it annoys me and disappoints me at the same time. Because on the one hand it’s like they want people to say… ooh well all that stuff they found out about and anything we don’t is OK then?!

Secondly how the feck do they know what every government in the works is like?

Added to that how the hell do they think they know of everything that is going on even in the UK only? They are hardly going to reveal what they have lied about, are they?

It is stupid. I cannot believe someone was paid to sit in a room and come up with this idea?

On a final did for thought for this… well does that therefore not mean that the UK government are just better liars and at keeping secrets than anyone else?! Lol!

Also if everyone else does indeed have a government worse than ours…well my heart goes out to each and every member of the public in each country. Jesus Christ! You poor, poor bastards.

Hmm is that why everyone in the world is coming here to live? Well those that are not trying to get to America for some strange reason. Obviously all think they are going to hit it big in Hollywood? Lol.

My good God I wonder what the next survey of a survey of people who did a survey on other groups of petiole who did surveys is going to say? No, wait? I need a stiff drink, lol.

‘Most transparent’? My Good God what a laugh! I would imagine there are a long, long list of governments that are seriously pissed off by this?! Or will soon be pissed off. Rather unfortunately President Putin, North Korea and most sadly China will not be in a position to say anything regarding this. Hmm a lot of African governments too I imagine and many on the middle East. No hang on here, I am having trouble because I just think of more so I quickly tried to think of those that are probably quite transparent… and I struggled, lol.

Oddly I would have said the Scandinavian countries along with possibly Germany. Oh no I imagine Italy would be as about as transparent as mud. Probably Greece too?

Despite the fact most Brits feel the French don’t like us but don’t seem to know why I would have thought France’s government was transparent?

Lately it’s ask for a bit confusing and the lines very much blurred.

However the smaller and less powerful the group the harder it is to be transparent. Hmm yes that’s just occurred to me and likely why the English, I won’t say Brits as I don’t know, are more at each others throats and knives pointing at each others backs… where the foreign groups in the UK help each other it in many ways. Borrowing cars and bands to each other… and how to fill in benefit forms because they’re is to long a wait to see the Citizens Advice Bureau? Lol.

UK government ‘most transparent’


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