Well I am sorry to have to say that the writing was on the wall with this one.

Now to me it seemed like a good idea and I for one was very interested in it. But it was taking longer and longer in the experimental process. It stated to get bad press and then there were the antiques claiming they looked stupid, as did the Neanderthal man to his friend when he appeared with the first ever footwear.

Good I hate narrow minded people… err which should be obvious by now on this blog alone, lol.

Then there was the price and I even saw a pair… err sorry, saw one in a CEX store and even there the price was…laughable. Even if that had been a new price it was still way above laughable.

There is nothing really rocket science about it…nor is there with Oculus Rift as Google and their cardboard proved…well in part anyway and Oculus Rift could yet show some surprising things? If not and it was an over paid piece of trash… well one of my most favourite, sarcastically speaking, companies for seriously ripped off and in so doing played right into my waiting hands.

That had been happening a great deal over the years and seems to be speeding up of late. Then one by one and little by little they each in turn realise.

Rather unfortunately, though not for me, they still fail to realise the intellect that faces them and either continue to disk to me like an idiot or a young child or perhaps ate completely incapable of finding anyone with the intellect high enough to converse?!


I said it twice previously and I will say it again… this year of 2015 is going to be one hell of an eye opening and event busting year, mark my words on that one!

Not only an I planning on suddenly boosting many things but I will be divulging many things and many more will be playing into my hands.

I also intend to plunge some funds towards doing a few things I simply did not do these last two years, all that from March 2015 onwards. Finally!

Let’s just say I have a very good…feeling. 😉

Back on topic… I think that Google has in recent times shown itself to be extremely bad at a great many things it thought it was king of the world at!

It had also bought a long list, a huge understatement there, of technology companies it then proceeded to ruin.

It has very literally reduced to a quivering mess things like Blogger, Android but it’s own affiliate advertising network GAF, or whatever it was called after misleading me into thinking I was mere weeks away from making money on my blog from their advertising?!


YouTube is… Hmmmnnngg OK wish I guess but not without is stupid issues to that it ignores it’s users regarding. Treats it’s users, like almost entirely everyone online all of which don’t have the first fecking idea about IT or the Internet, like idiotic retarded children.

Here is a tip to each and every bloody moron in a big company who thinks they understand both people and the Internet…

When you create a leaflet to be included within the pages of a local newspaper to be posted through people’s doors your not rude are you? You don’t ignore them do you? Your full of what a bloody wonderful company you are, some made up bullshit about how good you are, how eco friendly you are and how you would live to hear from people.

So how is it that once in the biggest window in the entire world and seen by the entire world you get out so very wrong and basically the message is… Your ask just little people, we don’t want to talk to you, we will make it impossible (or so they think) for you to contact us, we will save money on printing manuals to go with our refurbished crap because it’s all online, despite 90% of it wrong and posted by idiots who desperately want to be or feel important!

Despite attempts to get through to our thick skulls by individuals of a high intellect we will continue to ignore them and give it the attitude that we are superior in every way including intellect despite completely missing the obvious warnings conveyed to us?!

Add an old Scottish mate of mine would say … “Bloody numpties!”

Anyone need an Android? I know I do and I do mean an actual Android! Except… you can bet your bottom dollar that they will program it to lie, a la Hal in 2001 A Space Odyssey. I don’t fancy ending up as dog chow or being ejected into orbit!

You just know that despite the countless writers, series, documentaries, cinema movies and books warning mankind about this those with money will think what they always do that when they want the rules bent it’s OK because it will happen because they have all this money?!

Obviously having money turns you into a blithering idiot.

And as it turns out no longer able to run a bath, let alone a global company or a country!

Google calls end to Glass experiment


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