What the fuck is it with the BBC and the News Media in general?!

Are they fucking stupid or do they think that we are?!

I don’t give a monkeys uncle that ‘Don’t Give A Shit’ Cameron is talking to President Obama. Probably means that we have to bend over a barrel with our pants down to the Yanks again?! Oh no wait! They are ‘sharing’ expertise on how to prevent radicalisation of Muslims?!

I’m sorry, what?!

Since when as either of them been an expert on becoming radicalised, let alone preventing it! And exactly who in either the UK or the USA are experts on preventing the radicalization of Muslims?!

Oh and would you reckon that it could be fairly safe to predict that if anything actually does get dive at ask it will be a over way street with the Yanks getting everything they want and us left with our pants around our ankles?!

Maybe it’s a mistake? Maybe the BBC are just having a bad day and made kits of typos?!

Maybe the world is full of gullible idiots?! Lol. Native idiots?! Week they do believe on these all powerful deities that cannot even manage a single appearance outside of pieces of toast and skirting boards?

‘What? What do you mean that last one was an episode of Father Ted?! You mean he has never appeared in a skirting board? Well no doubt he has appeared in a while rafter of things?!’

Lol, now if you don’t mind I’ve been awarding from side to side thinking of this two and the way the new media gets doughey eyed and I’m yelling Hughie!


Ooh I just realised? Maybe we have rib or of bullets and Obama is going to give us dive for free?!


UK and US in joint anti-terror push


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