Yeah, good luck with that Mr Pierce.

You have proved that those that like to have the biggest, bestest and self proclaimed greatest ideas of governing the country still do not have a clue about computers or the Internet. I tried to earn not just your government but the previous government too and did so for years and have spoken about this on here so many times I got fecking sick of it, I really did.

But all you get is rolling eyes of the worst patronising attitudes and holier than thou speeches time after time when not one single person could ever state anything in your own defence and they are probably still being patronising in their most uniquely air-headed way?!

As for Macguire and Pierce, you seem like intelligent guys, why don’t you start highlighting what is wrong and coming up with an alternative? Why do you Ajay’s have to bring it down to party politics? It’s why so many tabloids and TV news groups also found themselves caught with their pants down.

Because news today consists of whatever reality shit is on TV, whatever white soaps are on TV, what gossip their is on someone that means jack shit in the bigger picture and just like America it’s all down to belong to the parties of ‘Wrong & Wronger’?!


I sometimes wonder how much further down that the country had to get, or the world even, before those that receive salaries based on this shit stop and realise that there are actually contributing to the demise that gets ever deeper?

What went before was wrong. What is now is wrong. So how do you explain to the people how going with Wrong or Wronger is … well wrong?!

Christ?! At least they both agreed on the majority of Americans having a very blinkered cure of the world and that they correctly stated that a vast majority, like 90% of them, don’t own passports!

Wonders never cease.

I do wish the party politics crap can be dropped from so many things it simply does not belong and is now five years into pricing year after year, why this is.


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