Nearly forgot to mention how humbling that vision was in France!

Truly humbling. However I have seen this sorry of thing too many times and nothing changes. So something is wrong? Or not done right?

I have said many things many times and so has just about everyone I know.

One thing that is mentioned a great deal I am going to mention within this blog. To show the problem is a problem and will only get worse and not dissappear like the thoroughly thick and idiotic Politically Correct brigade have not just wanted but worked towards.

Let me tell you know I thoroughly loathe the politically correct brigade and seeking a showdown with them in the not too distant future. A show down is exactly what it says it is.

The funny thing is with this Politically Correct Brigade is that they have in fact become one if the things they claim to hate and destroyed something that they claim to champion.

Freedom of speech!

No, you read that correctly they destroyed freedom of speech by limiting it to those belonging to certain ethnic minorities. Minorities that claim to be the same as the rest of us but are not.

Now I cannot state this is the same in all countries and only know about what has occurred in the UK. Err…that which I use is straight from France and in an interview with the fully fledged Muslim woman.

Now I warn you now that the one thing you can guarantee that guilty people only interested in is the progression, huh that is a laugh, of their own culture and nobody else’s.

This will also show you how utterly useless the press have become and before anyone wonders what I will say about why the press are so naive and stupid… I don’t know. Or more accurately I don’t know yet.

I must get it into the reader’s mindset first that I see that fully covering up tour body as stupid, wrong and only appeases men with ego/jealousy/possessive issues. If God had not intended you to be seen, if there was a God which of course there is not, he would have covered you in hair. Pretty simple.

There IS NO GOD and I find it both insulting, morally twisted and a suggestion I am fucking dimwitted to have it insisted upon me that there is!! So my feelings of being insulted and enraged should be treated with greater respect, Mr PC and Mr Human Rights, because not believing in some super powered deity makes me far more intelligent than those that do purely because a mountain of evidence the size of Mount Everest proving me correct!

That should be remembered when I first state that…

This fully covered Muslim woman in Paris stated that she was totally against the Muslims killing those people. Now remember I said you always get a queue of people ready to rubbish it. I said it is so those around them don’t know the truth?! So think then why would this lady say they were wrong and championed free speech but then run down the cartoonists for what they printed?!

Well that’s a contradiction…so let us simply look at the possible underlying meanings? Here we go…

1 So it’s OK to say what you want as long as it is not about your culture or religion?

2 Or perhaps your suggesting they got what they deserve?

3 Maybe you fail to realise that as soon as you restrict speech it is no longer free speech?

4 Perhaps you fail to understand that by allowing free speech against everything else in the world but your own your telling the world your better than everyone else on he world?

Now let me tell you that from my own experience this is the attitude they all have, well over 95% of them. That number is a guess as its more 99% in my case.

So which is it? I can probably scrape out more possibilities but none will be in. Heir favour because there are none.

Now here is my problem with the… QUEUE! Hmm yes ‘The Queue’ sounds good…I will call them this from now on. The problem I have with the queue of Muslims that love to appear in the media to condemn these acts is not just the simple fact this is the only time you ever hear from them, oh no. The fact is these facts I show, speak out about and report on have been around and widely known for a fecking long time.

Yet even in the aftermath of some dreadful murders this issue with their attitudes is not addressed?

I find this simply staggering.

This fully fledged Muslim lady insisted she was both French and a Muslim. Well…you can’t be can you? Not when you have just said it’s OK to speak about everything else in the world except Muslims.

Do you know what that is? The holier than thou attitude. The master race complex!

You are the new Nazis.

You think that it’s perfectly acceptable to lie and cheat people if they are not Muslim because we are a lower life form.

I have shown this over and over in my posts and there are no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ about it. The whole world knows you see women like this so really for us to see you a as seeing the rest of the world like this too? No not much of a stretch, is it now?

You thought you had the whole restriction of speech all yourselves? No, sorry. You probably also thought you were really clever and the rest of the world is thick? Yeaaah…about that? Wrong too!

Your mistake was in thinking that because you were not spotted this makes you smarter? No. I am afraid you misinterpreted a whole bunch of things as a lack of intellect. At best it is a drain on the intellect, yes maybe.

Those in the west are not perfect. They might claim they are but their are not…

1 Obsessed with careers based on lying and cheating
2 Obsessed with doing questionable jobs that eat their lives away
3 Obsessed with wild parties, alcohol and depraved sex as reward for the job

4 More powerful and rich obsessed with under age sex along with cheating others on your level in foreign countries by getting spies mean to protect the people into corporate/industrial espionage.

5 Obsessed with sticking our noses into the affairs of others and then scolded when we don’t. Well just DON’T and I would tell anyone who disagrees to FUCK OFF and mind your own business or better still go and be the fucking naive do-gooders like in that last Ran I film who will simply not accept it until they see those they love the most being riddled with bullet holes or worse?!

So I have been here all along a time period which I knew was coming a long time ago and knew would be the best time to get across a message. No a load of messages in fact.

Within minutes if having this Muslim woman tell a lie and contradict herself on TV was a Jewish lady explaining that the French Jewish community are now scared and she stated that many were talking about leaving?!

Funny that because I hear a lot of people say that about a lot of people of certain…cultures.

In fact I think it’s safe to say that they would be entirely shocked to find out just how large the number is that want then to pack their bags.  I know this will become more and more of a factor of the news bulletins later in 2015 and into 2016 and I would like to day that I am sure that the fingers of certain attributable blame will be cocked and ready to be pointed but I say… don’t. It’s your own fault.

You were so happy to see more and nitre of the fecking idiot politically correct brigade rule more and more in your favor that you made a number of mistakes that prove your not as smart add you like to think you are.

You never once stopped and thought what it was like for true British people to deal with, having further and further restrictions on one of what could be claimed to be God’s gift, that of language. While at the same time you were just waltzing right past us white with fear and rushed with riddled with health conditions that left you disabled while your fat wives surrounded with myriads of kids and no ailments got given social housing and were the only ones to be given them, the rest of us being told that there were no homes and that it was not their obligation to house us?!

Err YES IT WAS but even so…. what about those wearing the beer tents and loads of kids?! Don’t fucking lie to me and goose then wankers because your too fucking blind with your rose tinted beer goggles on!

You also never once stopped to wonder that if their ever came a day when your plan to slowly take over everything backfired… would the politically correct brigade be able to come down on those didn’t finding themselves dispondent with a whip or axe, as you now fully promote and champion the very things you claim you ran away from because your lives were threatened by?!

You want a reason to deport families?! Well there you are! If they start claiming they want the same lives as you would get in their country of origin? Then they need to be reacquainted with their country most obviously and by their own admittance.

Also those that helps anyone stay so was clearly here for evil reasons can go with them.

Their is, quite simply, far too many people willing to help others stay here and abuse the system we have, will they can go too! This way you will have a long list already to get the numbers down when your voted in power? Lol! Get the numbers going up quickly, leaves a good impression. Could get voted in a second time with impressive numbers?!

Don’t think about what is said on TV or the papers. First of, yes I know people are fickle and have been for sometime now. They will read the same politicallly leaned paper every day for years and if asked don’t even know why. Because their Dad or Mum did? Because they always (read thick) vote for the same party as for those that swing ( read almost as think) between the big two and the then those that want to ram their beliefs down your throats desire the fact you think it’s wrong and even some find physically repulsive and physically makes you sick (read Liberals lol).

That last point leaves me onto the third and lady mistake and some night eventually call it as your biggest mistake oooh feck it, I forgot… well their is a third and obvious mistake and I am sure that many know what it is.

Orally restricting people was not the way to go. Orally restricting people and still claiming you have free speech is both wrong, a deception or lie (so wrong, morally wrong and fecking incompetent too…hmm you didn’t talk down to people too did you? Because if you did you proved yourself quite removed from that you were promoting)!

That last little detail is something you really, really don’t want to get wrong.

You had better be practising what you preach. Because if you don’t and I come along… well, lol, let me tell you now that I will spend months and months in your face, blowing off steam, ranting and raving b like mad and swearing my fucking head off but the while time you will be watching my right hand extremely closely. While what you should be doing is watching my left hand too!

Everything I say I say in different ways on different days and no not the side of the bed I got out of. I sometimes let things fly that I think, our flash through my mind, at the time. Sometimes I remember thoughts I had previously and let fly over this or that issue. The simple fact is everything I think and I say I have a God damn right to. So I do. But these are different things that have occurred to me at many different times, sometimes quite a length of time apart!

They are all relevant.

Because any one of them I should have a right to express but that is not that which is most important here.

No, that would be that everyone I state something there will be readers of my posts that thought the exact same thing?! Maybe too scared to say as so many have been for so long?

Each time I explain something like this I do a number of things…

I reach those who have been scared
I reach those that thought these things themselves
I get messages to my enemies
I make it obvious that I have yet again made it extremely hard to shut me down!

However I am actually planning to have each of my enemies that I have attacked on here take me to court!

Yes many, many people would come out to explain how they got threatened by lawyers of those I have attacked before even reaching 100, yes one hundred, viewers.

Of those I know you got closed down were threatened with legal action by the NHS on two occasions and the DWP. I really do hate it when people do that I have to admit. If your going to start something then start it! Don’t start something up claiming a public office acts like Lucifer towards victims then bottle out when they were always going to call their lawyers?! What did you think they were just going to sit their and let you do that?!

I want them to take me to court!

But they are too fucking scared to do that!

Imagine what I could be capable of doing with a while series of court cases?! Look at what I have already? I have already explained that even lawyers are issues and fail to see the wood door the trees! With each and every case you can imagine the documentation would build up? Rather rapidly too?! Lots for me to pick apart and reveal some gems plus I would be reopening lives of communication between the SRA (Solicitors Regulatory Authority) The Law Society and myself and I have already shown these and dozens like them to all be pretty useless.

When one process useful I will let you know… but don’t hold your breath. You will die!


I got past that milestone easily enough until I reached a six see

Millions rally for French unity


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