As human beings we are a funny lot.

Well apart from all those that see themselves as a cut above the rest of the human race for stupid reasons that have not basis in a normal world? Lol!

It is funny how we don’t like having nothing to do, will not for to long anyway. Even then the environment needs to be a relaxing one for us to sit around and do nothing for very long. To be more accurate in this regard, well I guess some might need it explained among many other things, we need something that soothes. Think of it as the opposite of stimuli.

As a species there is simply no way around things. Yet I am constantly surprised at how morons that are many to be intelligent people.

But at the end of the day when it all cones down to it there simply are no way around simple facts. Yes the levels of stimuli needed on each person varies greatly based upon their intellect but the process and the end result are always the same.

I realised this as a simple fact a very long time ago and before long realised it was a vastly overlooked and ignored fact when people wanted to whinge. Sorry. I meant when people wanted to cover their mistakes and idiocy and then whine about some innocent party and the get a list if people with no minds of their own to say ‘yeah, man! Let’s blame themmm dudes because we can’t be arsed to find out the truth and if they are wrong it’s their fault’.

Yes. Oh, but no. Ignorance was never really an excuse. We have all been guilty of it, yes including me. Shamefully. Except I realized my own mistake and started asking questions… a lot of questions.

I am at my own loss… not times than you might think. I get no pleasure by way of things that others do. I don’t like many things on TV and it’s mindless drivel these days anyway. Almost as if it’s been designed to brain wash you into an entertainment firm that can help mask other things? I am sure many a crazed conspiracy theorist had said as much and no doubt a lot more. The fact is that they do, do these things the only question is if they indeed are designed? If you know the cure already then why bother with the details? The least known ailment we have is that we are affected by the most. The common cold. But because it dies not kill we just learn to live with it until they find a way of wiping it out like other ailments?

Mention of an exciting killer like flu on the news reaching our shores and the TV is watched like a hawk with every word scrutinised. Because it could kill and suddenly this we are normally agreeing with who love blaming innocent people everyone now dies not want to believe. Because now it’s your life on the line and not someone else’s.

This is not Christian in anyway shape or form but the west I’d supposed to champion Christian beliefs because of the morals they hold? Hold true? Well not from what I have seen.

In my time on this blog I have done several things…

1 I have explained my symptoms but only in part
2 I have shown how these were ignored by the NHS and the DWP with the help of the former
3 You have seen my predictions that I won’t get any help or support of any kind but will get a lot of lies and bullshit that you have paid for, that’s not anyone jobless wasting your money
4 I have not panicked though I could have done. I have not made out I have lived in fear on each ailments, but I could have done
5 But others may live in fear, especially when residing their blood pressure had been up for months and even this was ignored and I warned them this was unusual, once again at Barnet Hospital… pooh guess what I am going to post up here? Remember the posters at Barnet telling the public they ate not allowed to record?! How about an audio recording on the day of my blog pressure being up, I.e. pre XMas, and then telling me it’s because I’m anxious and me telling them I am not and then sending me home?!

Yeah about those posters, Barnet Hospital, you can shove them up your arse! Lol!

I could have so easily played on many things that have happened and trusted things around to make them look far worse than they are? But I could have done.

At the exact same time it also made may turn out that things are far worse than I thought they were?

No you know yet another facet of this blog. I cannot by ignored and upon death due to someone’s incompetence, carelessness or malpractice..hellooo!

I said I made a lot of predictions on this blog, some I have previously that have come to pass, others I have yet to make. Some I kind of do without actually … explaining them.

For all my fancy tricks already exposed and the many to come… I am but a mere mortal myself.

I never claimed to be anything more. Lol. I merely tried to explain and still do that I am … higher up the ladder than most. I don’t mean that in a career sense either. But in a view point sense, yes. I happen to be in the very good position of knowing all the approaching routes before climbing the ladder.

Along the way this would make me look…untouchable. There was always going to be one or two that got through… or at least thought they had until they once against realised I could still not be touched.

So a new year is here and I am preparing for it to be the whirliest or dervishes in more ways than one.

Whether I am successful in this redirect remained to be seen.

But then the ape did not get left with enough to keep him occupied. It is also hard to see anything else being anywhere near add important at this?!

Umm I did say I wanted to change the world, right? Ooh did I forget to mention? Or maybe I just forgot to mention that one I changed one world in accuracy meaning one country… maybe the rest might seem.. suddenly easy to achieve?

But then maybe not?! Who knows?



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