I had a few things returned to me over Christmas I had not seen in many years…

…some of which I have still not see in many years it has to be said!

One lot is a few comics which was what was left from a seriously gem riddles pile of 200 which was what was remianed after over a dozen large cardboard boxes of them vanished. So in the thousands at a minimum and close to 10,000 would not surprise me at all.

As I said to a mate who used to collect them too, as I was showing him these few, my bed had no space beneath it for the number of boxes that were crammed in and they were the ones older than a year. A couple of boxes were out of the more recent issues that were added to each month.

Added to this I also reacquired my coin collection though where the comics were missing many this lot only seem to be missing … well ONE! A 5 Pfennings German Coin from 1942 with the Eagle and a scharzticker! That has vanished.

Also an entire geology rock collection is missing that had trhings like chrysocolla and some opals!

So a bit missing, a lot missing and all missing? Lol.

I could use various words that have sprung into my mind but a bit pointless. They are…wherever they…are. Not much I can do about it.

So here are a few little movies I did and placed on my Youtube account to show that my interests and knowledge bases are even broader than they already appear!

Plus those that are themselves avid collectors of either coins or comics may see something that…intrigues them?




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