I am… somewhat confused.

The sieges are over and the murderers all now dancing with their devil in the halls of glowing embers. The glowing remnants of their atrocities still float upon air currents and the BBC already know their lives, travelling habits even the illegal unregistered movements and their link to Abu Hamza from Finsbury Park here in London?!

Err… HOW?!

How does it work that a whole team of terrorists armed to the teeth with weapons who are not that smart, four secret services listening on on every communication waltz up to a guarded building and slaughter twelve people?

How does it then work that their entire connected network all but telling the viewers that they had a plan to kill those people aired on TV before the bodies have gone cold?

Now within the gaps of my focus dealing with the shock and horror of what has been unfolding I suddenly ask myself…

How do they know so much about them?

How do they know so much about them so fecking quickly?

Why did they not explain where they obtained this information?

I also think one or two big British names must be rubbing their hands together with glee that this has taken the journalists focus away?

Those questions have suddenly been bugging me the last thirty minutes or so. It is almost like someone had a portfolio under their arms waiting to lay out the details of them as soon as they carried out their atrocities?

That… is not a good thought!

I cannot undertand how this has all unfurled. I mean how could you miss a whole group of people who were so obviously planning something? I state that it was obvious because it is to me now I have heard their history and links.

So someone was either very, very dumb or they knew something was going happen and just… well let it?!

A shudder has just gone down my spine over this. Thoughts along the lines of these possibilities are quite disturbing I know. Well I do have a shudder down my spine.

It is these disturbing possibilities that had me question the human race on many occasions. How could anyone act so…spinelessly disturbing towards their fellow man?

I don’t know what is worse? The murderous disciples of Satan that carried out these horrific acts or the possible group that uses the situation for their own ends possibly even knowing an event would occur and….perish the thought, let it.

Whatever happened to the days when journalists worth their salt and possessing morals pursued something like this and exposed the scandals?!

Not really happened in awhile has it. Maybe it simply does not go on any more and everyone is lovely and of high moral standards? Maybe the journalists saw how everyone forgot that a famous name was accused of being a paedophile and mourned for an age when he died and his previous accusations completely forgotten?

Not only have peculiar things like this occurred a few times in recent memory but they appear to be occurring with a greater frequency. Proof of evil acts, however, have occurred with less and less frequency over the years. Strange is it not that while evil acts are not exposed, prevented and screamed from the rooftops that the entire globe seems to be heading ever faster downhill?

Well because it’s obvious to all that you achieve so much more acting on your own against the rest of the world?


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