Well I see even the Meteorologocal Offices completely wrong outlook for yet another winter could not stop Marks & Spencers 14th consecutive quarterly loss in a row?

Nor will it stop the barrage of piss-taking from the ever wiser growing public at what now looks to be yet another complete waste of millions of pounds, £74 Million approximately to be…well precise lol or £76 Million, of money when the one they had that had only cost half that was making the exact same mistakes?!

Take it from me that piss take of the Met Office comes from someone with a high amount of scientific knowledge of meteorology, seismology, volanaology, ichthyology, herpetology, cosmology and computer science! So that is saying rather a lot.

Your trying to predict something that is a single step away from chaos theory and you cannot do that, short of being able to actually predict every atomic particle of the Earth’s atmosphere with that of those that bombard it by the sun. Nahh, we are bloody eons away from even getting close to that. Quantum computers would be needed I dare say.

It is like answering the riddle of the butterfly in a jungle somehwere beating its wings does it cause a Tornado in Texas?

Imagine trying to either prove or disprove that using computer models? No better than best guess, which admittedly that is what science is most of ther time, until proved right or wrong.

Oops, Tesco to close 43 stores across the UK? Well that one was on the cards! Surprised it took this long in all honesty.

God my flu bug is still stubbornly holding on! I woke up with extremely bad chest pains and have caughed a lot and struck what feels like a raw nerve each time!

Funny I am sitting here typing it because this is the calm before…something. That happens a little after 5pm today.

Oh yes and I had a series of repeated phone-calls this morning. I was half a wake, I was feeling very ill and with a cracking headache and did not want to talk. But they were persistent and after they rang for the fifth time from an unknown, withheld number, I answered the call.

Now I had first thought maybe it was certain friend of mine but she does not normally ring that early and nor is she that persistent.

I had also thought it might be my daughter who had tried to ring me…yesterday? Morning? The morning … before? I cannot remember the days have become a blur for the last 3 or 4 of them.

I have finally acquired some….arrrg! Painful barrage of coughs, must get something while I am out As is what I was about to explain in that I finally have some Orchid compost and a Orchid pot to repot those Orchids in the miniature flasks, or urine sample bottle to be more exact, lol.

Oooh I have been refraining from taking my pills until the last minute, as I have to leave the house and that is probably not helping matters, I should take a load now, overdose slightly on the pain killers and then take more later around 4.30pm? Yes…I will put the kettle on!

Oh yes and we are barely into 2015 and those cowardly bastards they call Muslims have now just about torn it and I laugh at the way the entire globe has place all sort of cartoon characters on billboards and particularly the one with themiddle finger. LOVE IT!!

It is looking very much like this will really get a message across to these fucking wankers and basically say, well were pissed of with this, you cvan go and fuck yourselves you twisted, deluded, murdering bastards you belong in a nuthouse for performing acts like that for some backwards prophet caleld Mohammed.

You see MY CULTURE is that of a scientist and it is therefore to debunk and casll deluded all those that believ in something that could not have possibly existed and when it comes to murdering others because you WANT this pussy prophet to exist then you belong in a straightjacket for a very, VERY long time.

So you NOT go bringing YOUR CULTURE into the face of MY BEILIFS and MY CULTURE because you wont find me so fecking easy and I will have absolutely no qualms about taking the lives of such worthless, murderous, twisted fucks with your upside down hair … ahem …

Personally if it was me I would start marching them out…many have said this to me for a very long time but enough is enough now. They come here pleading with their lives and have blooded our streets and continue to do so until it has the same amount of blood as the streets they pleaded to be saved from.

They are evil, devil worshipping liars that belong and deserve to be thrown into the pits of hell with the prophet that says its OK to murder and with burning embers of pages from the Qurhan floating past their eyes!

I for one am done pussy footing around them anymore!

No lets turn the tables and see how they like it when it is their turn to pussy foor around on egg shells? Wankers!

Two faced too! Did I mention that one?! Oh yeah they love hating everything … dont mind using the creations of those things created by thse they claim are the devil. Fucking cowardly, twisted fucks! Used guns, cars, money and no doubt state handouts to do what you did?

If your so fecking smart and right how come your the most backwards society on Earth and where are all your technological breakthroughs and why are you not using your own tools and weapons? God not quite all powerful enough to make you any?!

Well in my book that is called deceit and the greatest deceiever of all according to holy books is the devil…soooo….? Did I mention BRAIN DEAD?!

I have only seen the dark, nast, evil, murderous and dictatorial side to their nature I am afraid while the rest of them hide their heads in the sand, until that is someone in the weat comes along with something they dont like and they are all beying for blood and heads again! Charming people, really charming.

Top of list to why inteligent alien life would never visit Earth, well not knowingly! Look what this supposed, so-called God fearing people does it its own?! What WOULD they do with them?

They would probably go on an ethnic cleansing of the galaxy because soime dickweed who wrote a book once trying to get them to treat each other more humanely just twisted it so they could be more evil and do it in his name, though its really the things they dont like…ore more accurately hate or insecure over because they arte not grown men but still like little boys at school and scared of everything!!

Sorry, lol. I am horrified and ao annoyed at what these evil feckers have done yet again and I am so fed up that they have been shrouded and protected by human rights half-wits who are only making sure they are the last to be murdered and think that appealing to their humanity will help them survive, or they can always join the warped side of the Islam faith.

Not a good morning, dreadful flu, everything hurts, throat sore and I have now taken a shed load of pills because I have to go out. Eventually. Once again I am finding out that yet another attack on Europe from within has taken place and that leaders are still acting the politically correct tossers over it.

I am afraid that if they do not sort soemthing out this year there is going to be truly scenes in Europe that will not only horrify us all but embed into our memories for many a decade. Plus we are going to put our descendents through this because we did nothing because it was the politically correct thing to do nothing?

If segments of that culture are conveniently turning a blind eye, unless they have to come out and condemn that is, then it is time this changed. I am afraid to say that the Muslim culutre in general needs to realise that these acts by its own will have a negative effect on them all.

Otherwise it will carry on like this and become more common, until there are enough of them that a rout can take place that is. Because that is quite obviosuly where it is heading. So only a matter of time.

Good start to 2015 is it not?

Oh yeah hopefully I must do these Orchids today and take them out of their tiny enclosures, clean the agar of their roots and plant them in their new homes for the nxt couple of years. Take two to three years before I get flowers off them and … well they will be yellow. Lol.

Must film myself doing this too and putting it on my YouTube channel.

Hmm no mention in the news of how crap the takings were over Christmas? Funny that. Oh yeah we have had one or two but the complete figure normally comes out quite early and it has been somewhat … quiet.


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