Here they go again, a bunch of murderous tears that think women should be kept dumb and covered up because they are so insecure they can’t stand the thought of a hard on over their wives have proved God really is weak!

If God is so great and so powerful why does he require you fucking dickweeds to do his job for him?! Why did he create women just for you to then go and cover them up?

In fact why create women at all? He could get you to go and procreate single handedly which in fact is what I have told you to do previously and many others will be telling you to do before very long!

Now they will all come out the woodwork to condemn it and tell everyone not to take it out on them and kick them out?! Because they still have so much to do and so many more inferior beings, despite being one hundred years more advanced, to murder!

I have not heard all the details of this latest attack. But it’s clear now that now there are large enough communities they are obviously able to plan and attack at will. So they are well hidden by their communities and brave enough as well as confident enough to do this?

After what has been going on in Germany this is not good, not good at all and I first wonder if Angela Merkel feels like a pratt and if not then exactly what does it take for her to smell that aroma of coffee?

I am simply stunned at this and its all quick- fire and now I wonder what is next? I thought things like this would take place later, around mid 2015?

Now I have this thought of then working their way around European countries?

Funny how they leave the middle east over violence and seek asylum and then end up performing horrific acts of violence while here?!

EDIT: Watch the Muslim representatives all appear on TV stating how they have all just been talking about dealing with this? Which would t have been mentioned if not for the attack. Likely only being mentioned when there is an attack?! Well Ombudsmen have been fooling the public for many years, decades even.

Massacre at French magazine office


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