A week before the financial crisis The Bank Of England were unaware of it banging on their door?!



Your fucking joking right?

I knew about it over 4 years before it bloody hit!! You only discovered it days before it hit?!

What the feck are you people paid for?!

Right then, get rid of that idiot Mark Carney as that’s obviously just a position for cronies and there pals! Kick him to the arse back to the US and tell him to take all his pals with him who have set about destroying the UK.

Well it must have been your intention to destroy the UK? No? Just incompetence then?

Well then you can fuck off all the same! Tossers.

That’s simply staggering. What I’m Gods name were you doing for the five years running up to the crisis? I thought Mervyn King new what he was talking about? Now this comes out?!

Ladies and gentleman a rare occasion when I get it, or on this occasion some one, wrong. I hardly think you can make comments about the financial crisis when you didn’t even know it was here until it was outside the door knocking!

Bloody hell. How are we finding this out only now? Another good example of journalism done extremely badly! No excuses…

Ooh taking the piss out of them in your report are you?

Well how is it you’re only finding this out now?! You fucking idiots!!

Jesus Christ, God give me strength? Why in the world has everyone turned into naive and blind morons with tunnel vision only wanting to see what interests or helps them personally?

Someone should launch a new independent newspaper and call it ‘The Bigger Picture News’?!


Bank ‘unaware’ of financial crisis


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