It is 3.07am and I have typed out two posts already.

Yesterday went exactly the same as the day before, or horribly.

In fact I just remembered waking up downstairs on my sofa and with my computer monitor on and in front of me and I did not know how I ended up there!

I still do not know!


Anyway I got up, started to shake violently as I did the night before, grabbed my robe and put it on and traversed my stairs and went to bed!

Now I have these funny symptoms that causes a funny situation, well I think the readers would find it funny.

I have a sore throat which is OK as long as I do not laugh, speak or cough!

Except I have the worst type of cough. No… I did not say painful or most painful I said worst kind of cough. Worst kind for this kind of sore throat. Which is normally OK until I feel this slightest of tickles at the back of my throat and I start focusing hard and I my head I am repeating the line…

‘Please don’t cough, please don’t cough, please don’t cough! ‘ then at some point *cough* “AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Oh…. Aarghh!”


Like a wolf in sheeps clothing, lol.

The slightest cough and its like hitting an exposed nerve and I have a bad headache too. Hence the second ‘Aarrrgh! ‘

Son of a bitch!

Hopefully I will fall asleep again but with the time now at 3.20am I doubt it and cannot think of any window shopping nor searching I want to do! Lol.


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