I had fee drag guided, decided to have a bit at PC World, after waking up from a sleep with a (vaccine grass she that was supposed to be ‘banging’?!) headache.

I was never really comfortable with that twat from PC World who sang up all cocky and rude but was actually talking bollocks, lying about something he did not even know about (a keyboard) and not did he realise I recorded him and posted him talking shite up in here?!

This business with these tablets has been nothing short… no has long since gone way beyond a joke. That happened when I took the tablets back a second time. Two are going back again and one of those for the fourth time. The third one I picked up a year ago had been bsc CNN to PC World the times.

Never, EVER again would I ever touch an Android tablet. In fact it’s our new off all tablets but I was in Sainsburys the other day and was shocked to see these Microsoft Windows tablets by a company called Linx and after first nearly passing out at the low cost of them I then was surprised at how nice they were too use?!

How utterly familiar everything was as I (clicked l) flicked (‘flicked is not a word… not an American word apparently?!) from the Metro layout to the Desktop layout?

The smaller and cheaper of the two was £80, though they had none in stock, lol. The other one, I think they were 7 or 8 inch and 10 inch, was over the £100 mark. Cannot remember an exact price and have 129 and 169 in my head?

However I could find out nothing about the processor other than it is an Intel Atom and not even how many cores it has. On a tablet where you can have so many background apps running at once the more cores the better. It runs several things simultaneously and each core is s processor in itself. So crashing and freezing should be less likely than the old days with a single core.

But I know they come in total core design, the Intel Atom, Christ my head was throbbing with a terrible pain just then! Now where was I? Oh yeah I would need to know how many cores the Atoms have. The Tegra K1 chip by nVidia also sounds like a very cool cool indeed. Not shut to buy another Android tablet though, lol especially a nVidia Shield!

I digress.

I only intended to paste in an email I just sent to PC World in response to one they sent me.

I have decided I am going to hit the Ombudsman yet again over this because I’m stinky not standing for it any longer in retail!

This country is rotten to the core everywhere I look and d it’s about time I stated to dig out the rotten cores!

The Email…

Dear Sirs

OK I will do this with the two tablets but you hqve to do this under warranty and THIS TIME do not,  I repeat DO NOT put crap parts inside these tablets!

This time bloody well fix them! I know your selling refurbished product’s as new,…just don’t insult me by denying it this will only infuriate me.

This situation with these these tablets is a fecking joke and I am fit to blow and I will walk in your store and start telling customers the crap you sell is both refurbished and faulty and d if you try to get security to lay a single Hassan BBS on me they will be hospitalized.

I hope I have made this absolutely clear?!

I will NEVER buy a single Android tablet ever again and will advise people not to touch anything with the Advent name on it. I will also tell others to never buy an Android tablet under any circumstances. In fact I never wanted nor liked tablets and thought they were way overpriced. I have in add I thought this one would help me with my blogs.

If your going to sell refurbished crap make sure it does not have a fecking American dictionary!

I am BSc Single Honours Applied Computing and owned computers since A Commodore VIC-20. Through to Commodore Amigas and then various PC’s and while at Middlesex University was one of the testers for the first Wireless Access Protocol, or WAP. I also had the XDA phone.

This has the biggest piece or fecking crap and the worst computing experience by a country TEN MILES!

An Example…

I am also sick you (to) death with the way this tablet PC this (types) things out to because due e (to) done (some) bizarre trees (reason) sob it thinks that Kerr tears are words?! But 4th a capital ‘O’ is a weird (word) and s others ‘s’?!

When using swipe on the last Thursdays (example add that was meant to be the following), keyboard I am really fecking interested to know quite how Android and it’s keyboards cab CNN change a weird you serious, zero oppressed, sweet yours, swiped on for one with a starting Kerr rest, staying letter, staying, staying, starting Lee wetter, letter at the off feet end of the last thoughts, let holidays, keyboard?!

Android is also complete crap now and their bloody Blogger App does not work and limits keywords which is bloody stupid! It also loses keywords/tags/labels too and I don’t know why this is. But it’s all Google at the Weber (end) our (of) the day!

Notes imagine, now imagine trying to type out posts on twelve different blogs using this Crees so ñ, crap?

I am going to be approaching the Advertising Standards Association and soccer handles Consumer Rights these days, yet another barrage of documentation, correspondence (four attempts at that last at word!)

This situation in the UK with American companies running the public services for money while selling the British public their crap returns that don’t work or were dropped by idiots and returned to some blind twats who gained too notice cannot and WILL NOT continue beyond 2015.

Of all the countries that could have stealthily increased the UK’s shores and tested it’d s people like shit who would have thought it would be the USA?

I for one am starting to see why America is hated so much and man by of my friends are seeing it.

What your moron representative failed to realise 6 months ago when he phoned me,  spouted absolute bullshit and lies (well other than recording him and publishing his bullshit on my blog) is that I had long since discovered that companies were seeking this shit over here and I had five faulty cameras in a row from Argos (oh only one Olympus and four Nikons!) and proved this in films and secret recordings, emails and screen shots.

Oh and one last lot time, less at, lass drug, last ft, lass dry, less at, less at, less at, less at, last little detail he failed to get out before he angered me and I started hitting hard with sarcasm regarding his level of intelligence which was incredibly low is the (tuna?) that t I also got taken to court for riding (refusing meant to be) to pay Fri (for meant to be) on one of three d items costing£400¡

I won! The cheeky bastards were so confident that they could not get into trouble they actually lied to me and s told me the court stuffs I had to pay?!

I cannot even list all of the lies, corruption and bullshit! Well did one I already did and is the blog that all my enemies failed to realise was extremely dangerous to them.

I strongly suggest you make a gesture towards the fecking about we have had. Whatever protection your head office thinks it has… trust me on this out has not… not from me.

I have exposed the entire NHS across six hospitals, 6 GP surgeries, the DWP, Atos, two Police Forces, four local councils, all ombudsman, Argos, Shop Direct, B&Q, HMRC, the government, and dozens of others.

So please don’t think, act and talk to be like your some big name with the say so they someone in government to sell faulty items as new.

I DO KNOW what I am doing and I do know how to win! But you can go right ahead and think what you want add you will only first supply me with a ton of ammunition and then at the end of it all I will expose you for being corrupt and guilty of fraud on a grand scale.

I am the reason that many things are happening in the UK and have been for awhile… ever since I was asked by a member of parliament if they could use my data to attack Iain Duncan Smith in the House Of Commons.

I am laying my cards in the table here.

You have two choices, as your bloody arrogant and rude enough as a company to not even apologize or show any humility at all.

Choose…unwisely and I will first show that I warned you get to hundreds of thousands of visitors at the same time that I am kicking your companies arse and showing that in fact t you know very y little at all!

Well you teach be had your crap back several times now and they just keep going back?!

Oddly I have every computing magazine here that had reviews of this Tegra Note and I have even bought me MBA attached, nhs discovered, nhs discovered, magazines (feckme! ) with the new w shield.

Funny how not a single reviewer Meg things anything, tenderness, mentions anything about terrible teeth job, telescope, reliability problems, natural, batteries constraint, constantly failing, the screen failing and d the dictionary sit edged, forced, sources, sources, sourced from a planet other this an Earth!

I look forward to hearing from you, or rowing with an incompetent twat on the phone once after Finn. Once again.


Martin Haswell BSc

Sent from myMail app for Android

Friday, 02 January 2015, 00:42pm +00:00 from PC World Customer Services :

The service available at Currys and PC World

Dear Martin,

Thank you for your email dated 25th December 2014.  Please accept my apologies for the delay in my response.

I’m sorry to learn of the continued problems you are encountering with your Tablets.  To resolve this issue we need you to take the items into your local store along with any previous documentation you have regarding repairs and purchase.  Our trained technicians can advise you on what action to take next regarding a repair or an exchange of the item if possible.

If you require further assistance, please contact Customer Services on 03445 61 0000.

Kind regards,

Roger Read

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—– Original Message —–

Dear Sirs

I purchased three of the above named tablets just prior to Christmas 2013.

Within weeks two of them had to be exchanged. Within a couple of months two more had to have their batteries replaced. Within another couple of months another one needed a battery replaced.

To cut a long story short I have been through nine of these devices in less than a year.

Now as these are exclusive to you in the UK and I’m well aware they were manufactured by EVGA for nVidia under licence I should not have to explain just how embarrassing this fiasco should be to you. If you have any conscience at all that is and as its become clearly obvious to me in recent years that you are selling new goods that were mostly not new it should be clearly obvious that I am none too pleased with you or indeed the people that let you get away with this.

So you can imagine how I feel over the fact that as of very moment…
1 I have yet another device that has had a battery fail…

2 After my own has escaped the battery problem it is now refusing to charge and had an area of the touch screen which is faulty!

Now as both a software engineer and a hardware engineer educated to BSc Single Honours Degree I can tell you with absolute certainty that I have never been so shocked and disgusted in all my life with the quality of hardware I have purchased.

I can also tell you that it has not escaped my notice that supposed tech journalists have failed to mention at all the issues with this model tablet either here in the UK or just America. Nor has this issue been mentioned in the latest iteration of this tablet, the nVidia Shield?!

I can tell you also that not only can I rectify this issue but I have been doing exactly that for several years now and of late seem to find myself repeatedly dealing with you! You already sold me not only a used Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard but that had a large bend in the metal frame! A bend that could only have been caused by a drop from a very great height while outside its packaging.

Also I had a phone call from a member of your staff at your head office but also a rude and brain dead one too!

Now I strongly suggest when you reply you do not insult my intelligence.

I would like to know what you intend to do about the latest failures with these two tablets and your assurance that your not going to just replace the batteries with what are so obviously done sub standard shite as you did last time?


Martin Haswell BSc

Sent from myMail


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