Just as I suspected more and more areas of the NHS and its failures are hitting the headlines. Now with all of these public services I have been waiting for something to happen.

Along the way I will also realise that there are questions to ask. Like for instance there has been a long list of reports regarding the NHS of late and they have crept ever more closer to collapse according to reports?

So I suddenly thought that with all the cutbacks and the struggle to cope with patients they must therefore have laid off huge numbers of people then?

There also will come a point like that pointed out to a naive journalist by a member of the public? This was to do with local councils, run by idiots that think so highly of themselves, suggesting that due to their cutbacks that members of the public help out by checking in on old people?!

The idiot member of staff said it would be a good idea and bring about a community spirit?! The only community spirit they will ever see is the public becoming an angry mob and burning down their homes!

One member of the public reacted with “Well hang on?! I work five days a week and on my two days off I am expected to go and do the council’s jobs for them?! Well I pay council tax too and I would ask… What for?!”. Something I also failed to realise at the time is that most stores cope with things by opening up seven days a week.

The council do not fucking do this!!

So they are actually expecting the people that pay their wages to do their jobs for them too on weekends when the council staff are sat on their fat, lazy arises and you could not expect them to do extra days because then they would go on strike and march about it complaining about how hard done by you are?

But those paying your wages to now do feck all, it’s ok for them to do your work for free?!

Sounds incredible does it not?

Except I have already come across this and I actually recirded each one of three separate meetings over an hour long for each one and they, like so many others, are of course on here.

Those incidents were bizarre because I was asked by a Doctor, more specifically a pain consultant, asked if I wanted to attend a pain management group…

I have to stop here and state something because I got def up with the TOUCHPAL keyboard, uninstalled it and installed Fleksy. Fleksy has no swipe so I am forced to type normally as the swipes just do not work anymore.

Everything had been working fine until a few moments ago when it started decking up my words just like all the others I have used! Except this time I could pin it down to an exact moment eh n it all went south for the winter!

Anyway….yes so I attended these pain groups to discover they were nothing of the kind. In fact they were each recruitment drives to get you to work for the hospital for free!! Yup, FREE!

This is weird how this keyboard suddenly decided to play up when it did. Like someone flicking a switch it was!

Ahh yes…well not actually strictly working for free! Like one volunteer put it..”You get £3.00, three quid, each day which barely buys you a rotten sandwich and a tea in their canteen!”

There was no mention of travelling costs!

The person trying to convince three completely separate rooms full of around thirty people was a bloody Doctor. Oddly enough it’s just occurred to me after all this time that they appeared to be from the middle-east? Huh.

I sat there stunned while they expected to get around 90 people in pain to work for free so that they could carry on getting their over inflated salaries for actually not doing their jobs properly, lying to patients about the existence of drugs, NHS departments and ev n falsifying test results!

Now take a guess where you can find every single audio recording to those things I just alluded to? Yup, right here!

The falsifying of an ultrasound scan and then admitting leaving out not one but two things in an ultrasound scan of my groin. If you do not already know an Inguinal Hernia can be fatal and they knowingly lied about it.

The three meetings regarding pain management that never was are all over an hour long each and all on here!

Now that I am getting, ooh my tablet is adding spaces despite going no eh re near the sposceb r,?!?!

Start ah in, ah in, ah in?! Now see what I mean here?! Totally different keyboard and no swiping and yet twenty minutes in and it starts behaving just as odd as the last I e, last one?! Weird!

Well my ati nxe (patience) had gone now. Bf you surely get my drift by now? Lol.

The thing to watch this year is the news media and what they actually report on. Or more precisely what they do not report on?!



A&E performance ‘to hit new low’


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