I truly was broadsided tonight.

Unintentionally but it felt like it all the same.

I overheard a news report about a member of the royal family being accused of being involved in paedophilia and I thought ‘oh my good God! Here it comes?!’ stunned add I and many others thought it would bit get mentioned. Well not in the mainstream news anyway.

Only when I then paid attention I got a complete shock to see and hear that it was not the royal I was expecting to get named and the one banded about on the Internet I have alluded to previously.

Now I know nothing at all refreshing the facts but I have read a few things… to my shock and horror. I used to like this person but after seeing what had been widely reported my skin now crawls at the thought. It was a name atop a list of other names initially hard to believe but have since all been named in the news media, whether later charged or not. Leaving the only name left looking like a full time conclusion.

Not only was Prince Andrew’s naming a shock it was also not named in relation to either the Yewtree or other investigations bore anything else in England?! Instead linked to a paedophile in America he knew and he had been named in a court case where an individual has claimed to have had intercourse with him while underage?! I knew nothing about this link, something must have been going on in my life where time? Oddly no one had ever mentioned this when I have been drawn into conversations where the royal family have been named.

So somewhat confused but reminding myself of the fact that something very shocking can get released whereby something else even now shocking can get buried.

I have also wondered that if you do have two or even now cases whereby one has very thin evidence in any level approach while others do then the media being provided, or indeed AGREEING, on one that is destined to go nowhere can steadily help guide another while the hired help hushes everyone up?!

If your going to do dastardly, evil and depraved things then you have to come up with extremely well crafted cunning plans, especially to wriggle out of taking punishment?

Now the next five months have had yet something else added to the list that will be interesting and disturbingly shocking on this occasion.

It is… incredible. Simply incredible and I could not have foreseen either of these things if I’m honest. Not at all and it had left me somewhat ashamed in so many ways over so many things to do with my own country.

I know now that the talk in the street is going to turn to where we add a country are going to be in five years from now? Even two years from now and possibly sooner it does not look good, does not look good at all.

Prince Andrew sex case claim denied http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-30659629


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