My word!

The network is still out at Sony?

They rang me some time back after 10pm and in my mobile to deny some accusations I put you them in an email. Well ‘accusations’is the wrong word because when I know what someone is up to this covers across when I contact them.

Now I told them that they were heading for a fall and all because they are getting far too greedy and become tunnel visioned.

Hmm oddly enough I told a woman member of staff in Tesco the same thing a couple of years back now.

I have also mentioned that this will happen to other big names albeit in different ways to certain big names.

The problem for Sony it seems is now complicated because purely and simply the attack that big then to the knees was not complicated in anyway. Well according to what baby are saying as you can see in the link below.

I think a great many companies are going to have their arses repeatedly kicked then ripped off and then presented you then I a plate.

Each time this happens I will be hear with a post stating that I told them so and then rubbing their noses in it, if off course it’s fully deserved, and telling them that not only do they deserve it for being greedy twats but also for being aloof, stubborn and a bunch of other relevant labels and name calling and they can rot for all I care.

This is because of the amount if time they have been stubborn asking with their God complexes! I will thoroughly enjoy watching them dance about when the shit hits the fan. Especially the ones that shove their unwanted fecking adverts in your face every five minutes but doubt want you to have their email addresses!

Off the top of my head the biggest offenders of these attitudes and complexes are Google and Facebook. Probably others but these two are the biggest effing twats out their for their ‘holier than thou’ attitudes.

Mind you I just received a very insulting email from Amazon Associates and ripped shite out of them in an email, swearing included.

Despite my battle with the DWP I must say I hate laziness. I really do and shook I see today is people being lazy but pointing the finger of accusation, feck me Touchpal, for laziness at others.

Everyone in the world wants to produce one singles bloody thing and then live on a million quid a year for life on it.

So when you get this wave of shite covered fingers blaming the UK’s countries debt of trillions on a group that could not spend that in the decades I find it fecking stupid. Especially for a bunch of bean counters who cannot even do that?! Well either that can’t or they think that the British Public are largely thick twats who will just believe them and still vote in the General Election for one of the two who together have all but destroyed us while blaming everyone else for this.

This widespread attitude is why things are in a mess. The is no professionalism anymore. There is no polish, no quality. At least not here in the UK. No that’s not right as I see it in software houses from around the world.

Rush, rush, rush then money, money, money.

Once upon a time someone new world produce a game. It would garner interest and you would buy it. Each would have its issues but you would enjoy it and wait for the follow up knowing they would do better with the experience they had gained?

Today someone produces something that gets a bit of a decent following and then the publishers (like Electronic Arts, UBI Soft or other) would take that title and give it to another software house to do the follow up? Why? You could end up with extremely different games with completely different… controls… oooh wait a minute? This sounds familiar?

While this is going on they then set about creating an online version for multiplayer or massive multiplayer.

The model seems to be…

1 Find something new and creative

2 Offer them money for the ownership to the name which they won’t refuse because they can’t afford to do it again.

3 Market the hell out of it, by lying about it… Release it broken…

4 Once we have their money… Possession is nine tenths of the law so we don’t have to even acknowledge their complaints and issues

5 Get another broken game out to keep the interest going...

6 Offer special editions with extras before it’s released to get the sales up to make others think the game is very good…

7 Release a standard version for all three naive saps that drunk for the sales those even more naive purchased

8 Now that everyone has paid full price let’s now sell them the other bits to the game we deliberately held back. But we will call these extra downloadable content and charge for them

9 After a year you eighteen months when we have had all the cash from the impatient and naive ones we will then rerelease the title in its full entirety fur the first time,  call it the Game Of The Year Edition or Ultimate Edition or something similar.

10 Now we have produced a multiplayer version but instead of these being free extras with the main game add it was years ago we will now charge a big fee for it and then make then pay us each month to play it and sell them crap to use on the game so they keep paying us to win more so they can show off to others that they are greater gamers than anyone else desire their guns being three times now powerful and their armor much more effective and actually rendering the game… but a game any further but hopefully everyone is too thick to spot that we are illegally claiming our crap to be something it’s not anymore?

Lol, sorry about the messy text,  bold on and off, but that’s Google and their now utter shite Android.


I lost my train of thought, can remember what I was getting at. Now nauseous and light headed, feeling sick as well as tired so leaving it there.

Yeah, so mines a mess too fairly often. But then I have excuses, all of which are on here and added to that I doubt charge a fee whether it’s one off or a monthly subscription fee.

Of course my skill-set is far more than one single solitary subject… so technically I could charge over a dozen monthly subscription from each person?

Lol,  half-wits!



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